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QB: Foles,RG3
RB: A.Peterson,G.Bernard,Gore,D.Freeman,S.Greene
WR: B.Marshall,C.Patterson,R.Cooper,M.Wallace,Wayne
TE: J.Cameron
DST: Pitt,Cincy
K: Novak

TEAM 2 (Similar scoring, But TE & WR are same)

QB: P.Manning,R.Tannehill
RB: R.Bush,D.Woodhead,J.Hill,B.Sankey,K.Robinson
WR: B.Marshall,AJ Green,L.Fitz,E.Decker,M.Wheaton
K: Parkey
User bio: TEAM 1 QB..Foles,RG3 RB..Peterson,Gio. Bernard,Gore,S.Greene,D.Freeman WR..Marshall,C.Patterson,R.Cooper,M.Wallace,R.Wayne TE..J.Cameron DST..Steelers,Bengals K..Novak TEAM 2 (similar scoring, but TE/WR are interchangable) QB..P.Manning,R.Tanehill RB..R.Bush,D.Woodhead,J.Hill,B.Sankey,K.Robinson WR..B.Marshall,AJ Green,L.Fitz,E.Decker,M.Wheaton NO TE DST..SF,ARIZ K..Parkey
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Championship help...Need lots of opinions... 3 / 1149 12/17/13
In the Playoffs...Need RB help!!! 4 / 1256 12/13/13
Why is the LA so down on the Chiefs? 2 / 1555 12/11/13
Who to pick Add/Drop? 6 / 2771 12/09/13

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That would be my vote. i too have Cutler and am trying to decide to start him or Rivers. i am leaning toward Cutler for the same reasons you mentioned...Marshall & jeffrey... 12/18/13 11:32
Nevermind the McFadden choice, he is in back-up duty. 12/17/13 20:13
I made it to the Championship thanks to Megatrons bad game Monday night. I have a solid team but need help at my RB2. And any advice on the rest of my line-up is appreciated! Forte is RB1. RB2 choices are: J. Bell vs. NYG Pierre Thomas vs. CAR Ivory vs. CLEV Or drop BJGE and take a shot with DeAngelo vs. NO, or McFadden vs. SD, or T.Rich vs. KC. Looks like McFadden may play vs. SD, but his injuries are always a concern. WR are: D.Thomas vs. HOU R.Cooper vs. CHI V.Jax vs. STL A.Jeffrey vs. PHILLY Right now Cooper is my odd man out. TE choice is Tony G. vs. SF or Pitta vs. NE. Thanks & Good luck! 12/17/13 20:09
Just my 2 cents, but I think Cutler will throw for more yards and with that comes more chances for a big play and TDs. Ordinarily, I would go with Foles, but I think Cutler would be my play. 12/17/13 19:54

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