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***Team 1
QB: (Start 1) J. Flacco, S. Bradford, M. Schaub
RB: (Start 2) A. Peterson, F. Jackson, K. Williams, S. Greene, M. Bush
WR: (Start 3) J. Maclin, G. Jennings, W. Welker, M. Thomas, L. Moore, P. Garcon
WR/RB (Start 1)
K: (Start 1) D. Buehler, R. Bironas
D/ST: (Start 1) ATL, TEN

***Team 2
QB: (Start 1) B. Roethlssberger, M. Vick
RB: (Start 2) F. Jackson, R. Mendenhal, M. Turner, T. Jones, M. Blount, M. Goodson, B. Westbrook
WR: (Start 3) D. Bowe, D. Jackson, B. Edwards, M. Thomas, L. Moore, D. Hester
RB/WR: (Start 1)
TE: (Start 1) K. Winslow
K: (Start 1) L. Tynes
D/ST: (Start 1) TEN
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If A.D. is out, who at RB? 3 / 221 12/01/10
Need a replacement for D. Williams 7 / 197 11/18/10
Flex help 3 / 197 11/17/10

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I'm tied for 2nd based on W-L record in a head to head match-up league and playing the other team this week.  A win and I get a playoff week 1 bye.  With that said, the situation with Adrian Peterson's ankle has me a bit worried for this week.  If things look to be a no go, or a potential lack of use for AD this week, who out of the following might you start in his place: Keiland Williams @ NYG, Shonn Greene @ NE, or Michael Bush @ SD   12/01/10 07:29
I'd go with F. Jackson over Rice.  I wouldn't drop Bush, but would drop Thomas and pick up Welker. 12/01/10 07:16
How many players do you start at each position?  That would make a big difference as to what I would do.  12/01/10 07:13
If it were me, I'd fly with Peterson, Foster, Charles.  I think these three actually have the easier match-ups, but that's just a gut instinct. 11/19/10 07:03

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