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Calvin Johnson 2 / 1223 12/29/13
Already planning for next year 4 / 1188 12/18/13
RB help 2 / 3273 12/07/13
Vereen 7 / 1359 11/13/13

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Should I be worried about his off season knee surgery and how he'll perform next year? Should I try and trade him for another wr and a really good pick.. Keeper league.. 4 keepers are McCoy Bree's Calvin Johnson desean Jackson.. 12/29/13 10:00
OR do i try and sell A.johnson and gain picks.. Like a 2nd and keep someone like Alshon Jeffery or Zac Stacy 12/18/13 20:48
Depending on a game this week one of my first round picks will either be the first or second overall pick in the draft 12/18/13 20:42
Ive been the number 1 team the whole season having a record of 11-2.. our semi finals were me (#1seed) vs #3 seed and then #2seed vs #4 seed.. this whole year our whole leauge thought it was going to be and #2 seed in championship and not because our records but because we have two great teams.. Ok well anyway I was defeated by jamaal Charles and lost and #2 lost to #4 and so now the championship game is two 5-8 teams... so me, already thinking ahead, am going to keep Bree's, Megatron, McCoy, and Andre Johnson.. but it my question is do I try and sell Andre johnson for a better reciecer and bribe the other team with picks? right now i currently have two first rounders, a third,and three fifths. (1,1,3,5,5,5) as my fiirst 6 picks.. Not looking for a top 3 reciever considering I just traded AJ green and a 9th to get a first and A.johnson but just someone who you think would be better than a.johnson next year sorry this was so long PPR league.. 8 team 4 keepers per team 10 yards - 1 point.. We start QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,K,DEF... Also thinking about switching one WR spot to a WR/RB flex 12/18/13 20:40

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“I have been playing fantasy football for 4 years and before I never made the playoffs with other service I had, but with you guys I was high point total last year and won it all and this year high point again. I owe it all too you guys” Kevin first year member

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“Thank You you were awesome I was high point total 2 years in a row and won it all I cant thank you enough see you next year” Rick 2 year member

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