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Russ, I believe that everything is good. Once I changed the scoring to what I mentioned in the third post, I was getting projections more in line with what I have seen over the past few seasons. I didn't realize that I could email you with the questions, so sorry about that! I will use that avenue in the future. I appreciate the response. Nick 08/24/12 13:23
Ok, I believe that I figured out the problem. I was entering ranges with a value of 1 point (for the bonuses every 10 yards past the milestone). When I changed it to the TOTAL points if the player ended up with the set yards, it seems to be more in line with the scores I expect. For example: Instead of setting the range values for passing yards at 10 for 250-259 and 1 for 260-269, I set 10 for 250-259, and 11 for 260-269, etc. This seems to address the situation. Please let me know if you think that this makes sense or if there is something else that I should so. Thanks again. Nick 08/23/12 20:18
And just to throw out there some stats from our league last year, Gronkowski (90 receptions for 1327 yards receiving, 1 rushing TD, 17 receiving TDs) scored 408 points... There are bonuses for longer TDs, as I tried to put in my scoring system. Thank you again. Nick 08/23/12 15:15
This may be a dumb question, but is there a way to check to see if the scoring system I set up works correctly? What I mean by this is the following: My league's scoring system rewards players for hitting milestones, and then gives bonuses after the milestone. Also, players are rewarded for doing things that are outside the "norm" of the position, meaning QBs get more points for rushing yards, RBs get more points for receiving yards, etc. Last year, Aaron Rodgers was the second scoring QB (Behind Brees) with 655 points. In the Draft Analyzer, he is tops with 407 (I think). While I am fine with this, understanding the idea of his stat predictions, I am really confused with my TE list. TEs get 10 points for 40 yards receiving, and then gain an additional point per 10 yards. When I look at my list, Gronkowski and Graham are significantly down the list, even though when I look at the stat predictions, it has them with the most yards and the most TDs (which is where I think they should be). I looked at my scoring system for TEs, and it seems to be set up the same way everything else is. Again, I apologize if I am being dense here, but I am not sure why the scores seem low, and why those two TEs are ranked so low. Thank you for your help. Nick 08/23/12 15:11

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