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Jordan Reed for Jarrett Boykin? 2 / 277 10/23/13
2 questions: Lineup help 2 / 452 12/23/12
Which 2 to start: Alexander, Mike Williams, Jennings. 3 / 455 12/09/12
Forte for Newton/Austin? 3 / 668 11/15/12

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Standard scoring, 10 tm league. My team: QB Ryan, RB Foster Gore, WR Blackmon Green Boykin TE Heath Miller Flex LeVeon Bell, Mike James, James Jones, Colston, Denarius Moore, Philip Rivers Pros: Replace my weakest link (heath) with a potential stud in Reed, Also, Boykin may just be a short term thing Cons: Lose a potential WR2 with Rodgers at the helm with Finley, Cobb, and Jones out. And Reed may be a flash in the pan. Any thoughts? 10/23/13 16:31
1: Eli vs Bal or Bradford vs TB 2: Which 2 to start: Mike WIlliams (Stl), Danario (Jets), Powell (SD), Jennings (Ten) Facing a tough opponent who had Megatron go off yesterday, so need big game starters. Thanks. Team: QB Eli WR: Decker RB: Lynch TE:Olsen FlexDanario, Williams, Forte, Leshoure Bench: Bradford, Powell, Jennings, JStew. K: Suisham. D: Jets. 12/23/12 08:52
Which 2 WR's to start: Alexander vs Pit, Mike Williams vs Phi, Jennings vs Det. 12/09/12 08:54
Was proposed Cam Newton & Miles Austin for Forte (my team below). I have Eli, who's SUCKED IT UP the last three games, but has a very easy schedule coming up against bad pass defenses. However, they do run the ball a lot too, near the goal line. But then again his next 3 games are GB, Was, NO. I'm 5-5 in 7th place in 14 team league, top 6 go to playoffs. The only reason I"m considering this is because Forte's next 4 games are against SF, Min, SF, and Min again. He didn't do so hot against Houston, and with Cutler out maybe defenses will stack the box a bit more? Anyways, I've thought about this too long and need some other people's input on it. Any help would be appreciated. 14-team league. QB: Eli, RB: Lynch, WR: Decker, TE: V-Davis, Flex: Forte, Leshoure, Mike Williams, Olsen. D: Jets K: Suisham. Bench: Fitzpatrick, Hillis, Jennings, Danario Alexander, Donald Jones 11/15/12 15:11

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