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QB help 3 / 905 11/18/13
Interesting offer 2 / 1058 11/06/13
Rodgers replacement 3 / 889 11/06/13
Foster or T Rich 6 / 1056 11/03/13

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Before the start of games yesterday, I had Dalton and Ryan as my QB's. I was not thrilled with either so I dropped Ryan and picked up Foles. (we can only have 2 on our roster) Now I knew that I would have to make a choice this week since they are both on a bye. I felt Dalton would be the better choice to keep. Now I must choose to drop one so I have a QB for this week. Here are the best available: Ryan (home vs Saints) Tannehill (home vs Panthers) Palmer (home vs Colts) Keenum (home vs Jags) If I go on match-up, I think I would lean toward Keenum, but will Kubiak pull him out at the first sign of struggle again? If Palmer can put up 400 yds on the Jags, he should be able to do well. But who do I drop? Dalton as he has cooled off or Foles who has Vick looming over his shoulder. I am leaning toward Dalton since I could probably pick him back up the next week if I needed. Ideas/thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input. 11/18/13 21:50
I have been offered Brady for RG3 by a diehard Redskins fan. Would you take this deal? Standard scoring league. My team: QB: RG3, Locker RB: Gore, McCoy, D.Williams WR: Boykin, A.Brown, Ginn, Marshall, G.Tate TE: Eifert, Gonzo K: Succop Def: Packers, Pats 11/06/13 20:57
Need Rodgers replacement and have available on waivers (process today at 4pm MT): Keenum Foles Manuel Glennon Thinking of leaning toward Foles then Keenum...thanks in advance 11/06/13 13:44
well looks like richardson was correct...he lasted 2 plays then hurt his back and out for the rest of the game... going to be hard to trust foster the rest of the season i think 11/03/13 19:10

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