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Tell Me what you'd do 3 / 1221 09/28/08
Is Kerry Collins worth picking up 4 / 1287 09/12/08
Pick Up Help 3 / 1309 09/03/08
Time Trade Jet skill players? 8 / 1350 08/07/08

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All he needed to do is stay on the right side of the law.  He couldn't and should be stretched on the end of a rope.  At least Vegas was able to do what LA couldn't.  Make no mistake about it he was on trial for killing Goldman and Nicole.  He wont get life but it will be substantial time.  In my opinion he shoiuld get fried for the making of Naked Gun movies 10/04/08 10:32
I like Mcclain.  I think by the time it's all said in done he'll get the bulk of the carries/ydg. I have not heard if Maroney will be playing this week, if that's the case Morris will be splitting carries(mo gets more TD ops).  If Deuce is available I'd pick him up  I wouldn't play him this week vs MIN.  As for the WR I think you get the most upside and steady points with Bruce.  As for Warner or Pennington Warner is your best option.  He has the better tools around him, even with Boldin not playing.  I expect a big game from Steve Breaston.  If he's available you might think of picking him up.  Expect Boldin to be out a couple of weeks, if that's the case, Colston should be ready to play. 10/04/08 10:25
Randy Moss for Marvin Harrison.  I'd be getting Moss. 09/28/08 21:43
V, Iam in the same boat with you, and just about to post the same question.  Since Trent is so fragile w/the concussions and the Oline in St Louis doing such a bang up job, I am not sure what to do.  Keep Bulger and hope things turn around or go to the ww.  Something is telling me to go with Collins or Griese. 09/25/08 10:37

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