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Keeper league trade of Brady or Luck 2 / 808 11/11/12
Why is analyzer so hard on this trade? 2 / 572 09/27/06
Total Team QB tier rankings 2 / 665 08/22/06
Bye and Inj leaving RB depleted with poor waivers, Who? 4 / 707 10/26/05

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Currenlty my team is hanging around .500, but I been sitting a solid QB each week. It is a keeper league (keep 3), with my team having Adrian Peterson, Greg Jennings, Ahmad Bradshaw, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck. I see myself keeping Peterson, a QB, and possibly Jennings depending on how he rebounds. But likely not wasting a keeper postion to have a second QB (and at this rate not Bradshaw either). Would it be worth it to trade a QB for someone like Forte, Trent Richardson, Gronkowski (or aj green, Percy Harvin or LeSean McCoy who are not likely to get due to that teams current QB)? And what QB should I trade with 2 more seasons for the keeper league before reset? 11/11/12 17:05
I have Alexander and need to supplement his loss.Would trade Driver and Chester Taylor for Barber and Lee Evans. I would also have Foster, Addai, Barlow, and Alexander if he comes back and start 2. For receivers I would also have Chambers, Coles, Porter, and Devery Henderson and start 3. (could also add Randel El, T. taylor, Troy Brown, from Waivers). The trade analyzer ripped me a new one for this deal. But with Alexander's status so uncertain it doesn't look that bad to me and I don't think my current backs can carry me through the season. Thoughts? 09/27/06 11:03
Running back will kill you this season. Try and trade to get a solid number 2 08/23/06 06:14
I didn't see any way of entering this in the analyzer, but my league uses a Total Team QB where you pick Cardinals QB vs Kurt Warner. I'm guessing that the analyzer may not pick certain players such as Warner (Mid tier in tier 5) since they would not be expected to play a full year. How much should I move up players such as Saints (5), Titans (5), Bengals (late tier 2), Cardinals (5) when taking into consideration TQB, and are there others that might warrant significant move up the draft board? (4 pts td, 1 pt per 25 yds) 08/22/06 20:15

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