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Team 1: PPR, 2-2-Flex
QB: P Manning, M Hasselbeck, C Ponder, A Smith
RB: Foster, Benson, Tolbert, Carter, Gerhart, Battle
WR: White, Wayne, M Williams (sea), Nelson
TE: Graham
PK: Gould, Novak
DT: Pit, Sfo

Team 2 (PPR, 2-2)
QB: P Manning, Freeman, Fitzpatrick
RB: Best, Battle, Benson, D Brown, Ridley, B Scott
WR: White, S Johnson, Meachem, Crabtree, R, D Moore
TE: Davis, Finley
PK: Cundiff

Team 3: (nonPPR, 2-2-Flex)
QB: E Manning, Palmer, Kolb
RB: McFadden, Ingram, Battle, Jacobs
WR: A Johnson, Nicks, S Johnson, Meachem, L Robinson
TE: Gronkowski, Pettigrew
PK: Henery, Novak
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LUA says its a wash, I'm not so sure 5 / 1069 10/21/11
Flex D Carter or R Wayne? 2 / 988 10/15/11
Yea, I got P Manning... 6 / 1294 09/05/11
Auction League Keeper Help 4 / 1122 08/13/11

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Yes, we do only start 1 QB, but the best on the WW at the moment is T Jackson.  It is real slim out there in QBland for some reason this year.  I was getting by with Campbell, Hasselbeck and Smith.  When Campbell went down, I figured I'd pick up Ponder and if he had a good week, try to flip him for something better.  We have 12 teams with 17 man rosters (up to 19 in some cases with injuries) so the wire is very thin at this point. 10/22/11 00:43
This is for team 1 in my signature.  This is an auction keeper league, so we're getting into the season where the poor teams reload for next year and the better teams prep for the playoffs.  I am 5-1, mostly because of schedule, as my team is average.  Due to our rules, the keeper price for next year of Graham would make him a bargain elite TE.  Carter would be a dirt cheap RB.  None of the guys I get have keeper value.   The trade: I get J Finley, F Gore, and P Rivers He gets D Carter and J Graham I'd probably end up dropping Ponder or Smith to meet the roster requirements (Manning doesn't cost me a roster spot at the moment)   My gut says do the trade.  I really need another sure thing at RB and while the LUA says I don't get a ton of value from the QB spot, I think Rivers schedule is getting easier and he'll put up better numbers than he has been.  Looking for your thoughts.   10/21/11 09:01
PPR league, RBs get 1 pt for every 5 rushing attempts.  Standard scoring otherwise.  LUA says its real close (0.01 difference between them).  Thoughts? 10/15/11 21:17
I'm taking a different line here.  If you are going to fill that extra spot with J Battle, or some other person who might see your lineup at some point, then forget Peyton.  I think he'll be back at some point, and there's an outside chance (way outside, I'll grant) it will be in the last couple of weeks of the season.  Championships sometimes go to those who take chances that pay off. 10/12/11 11:09

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