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Stafford/Bryant for Flacco/Turner 3 / 238 10/26/12
VJax/Stafford for E.Manning/A.Roberts 1 / 190 10/23/12

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What do you guys think about this one? Would be giving up Stafford and Dez Bryant for Flacco and Michael Turner. Kind of on the fence about this as Stafford has been a disappointment so far but has a pretty favourable schedule coming up. Flacco has been up and down but I'm thinking that with the Raven's defensive injuries they'll be throwing more in the second half of the season. Bryant for Turner is fine given my depth at WR (Vjax, Lloyd, Kerley, Nate Washington and DeSean Jackson) and lack of depth at RB (MJD, Vereen, Alfred Morris). Thoughts? 10/26/12 06:09
Been offered this trade and seems interesting as Eli would step in right away as my #1 QB. I've always loved Stafford, but looking at the way things are going in Detroit I won't be sad to upgrade to Eli. Backups are Weeden (left over from spot start this week) and Ponder (my regular backup). The hard part for me is evaluating the effects of losing VJax. Obviously he's been playing above everyone's expectations so I have a bit of a "Sell High" feeling about this one. However this trade would leave me with a WR corpse of DeSean Jackson, D. Bryant, B. Lloyd, N. Washington, J. Kerley and A. Roberts. I wouldn't feel so bad about this trade if I had a bonifide WR2 on my roster, but it would leave me with a handful of WR3s, none of which can be trusted on a weekly basis. Couple that with the doubts I have about my RBs (MJD, A.Morris, William Powell) and I don't know if I can afford to lose the star power. Unfortunately looking at the other dude's team I don't see what else I can add on to this deal as he has Welker, Santana Moss, and Steve Smith (CAR) as his other WRs, and only Marshawn Lynch, Frank Gore and Mark Ingram as RBs. Help? 10/23/12 08:24

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