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Kevin Smith? 3 / 1632 12/04/11
Start or Sit A Johnson? 3 / 1670 12/04/11
DHB 4 / 1661 11/10/11
RB Help 5 / 1654 10/28/11

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Active or not active. I know is night game, but what do we knwo so far? 12/04/11 07:29
Please no generic answer that everyone says all the time. I have Andre Johnson & every web site, commentator & so called professional said last week. You drafted him as your #1 wr you have to play him. (NO YOU DO NOT). I went w/ my gut last week and I won by 3 pts. With Johnson coming off this injury and knowing he was not going to take a full load of snaps I did not feel he was going to produce and I benched him and I was right. However this week, my gut cannot make a decision, just because he is a monster does not guarantee he is going to put up good #'s w/ any QB back there. (example) I drafted Fitz last year because I have always wanted him and never could get him. I didnt care about the QB situation with Fitz being arguably one of the top 3 WR's in the league. He did not produce last year and I regretted it all year. I could have drafted R White at that time who I was also contemplating. Just because you are a stud WR it does matter who is throwing you the ball....... So here it is I am debating between A Johnson and his rookie QB throwing him the ball. If were lucky maybe he gets 60yds & a td again that is if we are lucky. Or I go w/ Antonio Brown, who  is not the big name reciever and not a stud by any means but he has been consistant since week 7 the last 5 games. He has averaged about 90yds a game and 10.6 fantsy pts per my league settings. He is the clear cut #2 WR and has a way better QB situation w/ B. Roth and he has M. Wallace on the other side taking away alot of the attention. I know he is no way in A Johnson's league but the situation at this time just seems to be better for him. So what do you think?Who do I start?...... I'm not against starting A Johnson but if you answer this thread can you please back it up w/ some reasoning? Not just he's a beast...... I am very sorry that this question is so long fellas, but I had to explain exactly how I was viewing this situation. This is a $250 buy in 12 team league. High stakes here and our playoffs started last week so its win or go home. PLease, I need some great advice. 12/04/11 07:17
So what happened to this guy, is he injured or has he been benched? 11/10/11 19:26
D Thomas (hammy inj) going against NYG splitting time w/ R Bush only 13-15 touches last 2 weeks .... or B Tate splitting time w/ A Foster but going against Jac.   10/28/11 19:12

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