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QB: Brady, Wilson
RB: Gore, T-Rich, L. Miller, F. Jackson, J. Stewart
WR: D. Thomas, A.J. Green, A. Jeffery, R. Randle, D. Hopkins
TE: Ertz, Ebron
K: Tucker
DST: Panthers
12 Team - Non PPR League
6 pts per TD
1pt per 10 yds rushing or receiving

Start: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX(R/W/T), K, DST.
User bio: Eagles Fan living in South Florida. I have been playing Fantasy Football since the mid 90'. I have 1 championship and several playoff appearances. I look forward to playing fantasy football every year.
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Trade Involving T-Rich 3 / 1223 10/18/13
MJD for Cutler? 2 / 1153 10/07/13
Tony Gonzalez or Heath Miller? 5 / 1124 09/25/13
RB Starters - Pick 3 2 / 1116 09/25/13

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take have plenty or RB depth to give up MJD. 10/19/13 10:10
My team and league info is below. Another owner offered me Zach Stacey and Alshon Jefferey for my T-Rich and Jarrett Boykin...The TA shows that it would greatly improve my starting lineup without knowing how Boykin will do. I am getting frustrated with T-Rick but not sure if Zach Statcey is any better. His other RBS are: G Bernard A Peterson D Wilson (R) 10/18/13 16:24
Big Ben....seems the Steelers will always be behind and the result should be plenty of stats. 10/07/13 12:04
I have MJD. My roster and socring is below. Cutler owner also has Rodgers and R. Wilson at QB. He needs a RB. With Vick potentially being out and who knows ROS, take what I can get for MJD? I can wait to see if I can scoop up NIck Foles off the waiver wire also, but picking 6th and not sure if I will get him. 10/07/13 10:49

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“I have been playing fantasy football for 4 years and before I never made the playoffs with other service I had, but with you guys I was high point total last year and won it all and this year high point again. I owe it all too you guys” Kevin first year member

“I have been a member for the past 2 years. Last year I placed 3rd and this year...well I am the 2009 League Champ! I do have to say though, the best thing I got out of FFS was the weekly Fantasy Alerts sent directly to my email. I had a few guys compliment me on my waiver wire pickups. Another said, "You only won because of FFS."” Josh second year member

“Thank You you were awesome I was high point total 2 years in a row and won it all I cant thank you enough see you next year” Rick 2 year member

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