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QBs: C. Kaepernick, N. Foles & J. Cutler
RBs: R. Rice, D. Murray, B. Leonard, R. Mathews, J. Bell & C. Ivory
WRs: J. Nelson, W. Welker, G. Tate & P. Harvin
TEs: J. Witten & D. Pitta
K: S. Gostkowski
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Start 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1Flex (WR/RB/TE)
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Calling All Cars (Superbowl Lineup Help) 6 / 1288 12/17/13
R. Mathews, R. Rice & J. Bell 4 / 1283 12/11/13
P Harvin or L. Fitzgerald??? 1 / 1232 11/15/13
Did I Improve? 3 / 1542 11/15/13

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i lose 1pt per interception... is the bears pass defense that good that Foles will have a hard time or am i giving the Bears pass D. too much credit 12/19/13 10:50
some how and i really can't explain it, but I have made it to the final game and every point is gonna be needed.. I really don't want to make any mistakes. The Lineup I am currently considering is as follow: QB: N. Foles RB: D. Murray & R. Mathews WR: J. Nelson & G. Tate (if Welker is ready he will replace Tate and I am currently trying to aquire Baldwin off the WW to replace Tate) TE: J. Witten FLEX: R. Rice my biggest question is at QB. N. Foles saved me last week but this week he plays against a tough pass defense and a lousy run defense BEARS, which scares me into thinging the EAGLES will run as much as possible, but I have J. Cutler and the EAGLES pass defense is horrible and think I should put him in instead. Please everyone's suggestions and input will be greatly appreciated. 12/17/13 19:29
thankx for the suggestions... Could you provide some insight for your choices? I'm just looking for what i am overthinking or not thinking of. I don't want to change my lineup just on your say, that would make it your team and not mine. Anyone else have some suggestions? 12/12/13 10:26
OK... somehow I survived last week against C. Johnson and D. Brees and now I am one step away from the SB. Needles to say looking at my lineup i've been the uderdog all year but I am scrapping away. This week every point is gonna be needed and I've had a knack at leaving points on the bench; last week I left Mathews on the bench. My question is who do i start in my second RB spot and in my FLEX? Obviously I am starting D. Murray in my RB1 spot but not sure who to put in my RB2 spot; R. Mathews vs BRONCOS, j. Bell vs RAVENS (R. Bush is probably coming back) or R. Rice? After my RB2 is decided, the next question is who to start at my FLEX? another RB and which one or maybe my back up TE D. Pitta? Third question and I think I already know the answer to, is who to start in my WR2 spot with W. Welker out? I'm pretty sure G. Tate but just asking to be sure. My other option would be P. Harvin Thankx for the help in advance 12/11/13 11:18

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