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User bio: Now I'm going to date myself I've been doing fantasy football so long that as a league commissioner I had to score the teams weekly with...the newpaper, a sheet of blank paper and a pencil. (Then I faxed the results) Certainly no expert when it comes to the NFL and fantasy football but certainly have my opinions! I'm not shy nor am I a fence sitter...I watch, study, read and observe the NFL from all angles and I put more ephasis on the business of the NFL than my personal player like and dislikes. In other words...I follow the coaches and the money! I've been at the fantasy gig for over 20-years...a consistent playoff team and championship game contender and have won multiple championships. I've used allot of resourses over the year to help me but FFS is without question the best source for good information out there! Go big...or go home!
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I agree with McCoy and Lacy. it's not that I forget about Foster...don't trust him to stay on the field. Dont think ink I can trust Murray either...IMO that Dallas situation could get real ugly real quick. Dont really trust Coach Fox he was pretty much an RBBC guy in Carolina. I do agree that Jennings could be a good sleeper! I'm way too old school to not take RB(s) early but it's slim pickings IMO. I you don't get one of the 6 - 8 bell cows left in the NFL you are getting a part timer, considering there are 32 teams it's pretty sad the you would have a difficult time in a 10 team league having 15 - 20 bell cows 07/21/14 12:41
James, good stuff as always but the probelm is 6 out of the 9 "run heavy" teams listed...RBBC so unless the league you are in goes to RB postion points rather than individual RB the heady days of the Emmit's, LT's, LJ's Sweetness etc are dead and gone atleast for now... I don't see any reason (unless you get one of the six RB's early) to take a back in an individual RB postion scorig system till round 5 IMO. My six and some of these are even a stretch AP, Lynch, Gore, McCoy (stretch), Charles, Lacy (stretch) the rest of the starting RB's RBBC in some form or another...thoughts? 07/19/14 10:37
Glenn, you know I only tease those I like and have respect for, the rest are just Ham and Eggers! Thanks for the kind words (seriously) I do appreciate I said we are strong and well grounded but I'm ready for some of the stuff to head on down the road...bottom line my pastor said it best..."this is the only bleep I'm ever going to know" so I'll stay rooted in that! I would rather I was hurt than see my children hurt or my family but I think one of the best lines I ever heard was "I believe God hears all prayers, even if sometimes the answer is No". Like I said I look forward to the coming season, I'm going to try and be more involved on the boards (Moderator or not), I'm going to be rentless in getting the FFS waiver wire proces changed (deal with it Nic) and hoist that trophy! "It's time to kick the tires and light the fires big daddy...bring it on...bring that bad boy on!" 07/14/14 15:51
Glenn, up until last year I had not played in two leagues (or more) in the past 15-years (I don't know how you guys who are in 5+ leagues keep your wits!) I agreed to do the FFS league because you guys are great and wanted to get a crack at some real competition! I will respctfully decline to manage another league I love Jeff would love to match wits with him but running my own league and competing in the FFS league is enough. Erick its good to see you unfortuanley my family has had a rough year I don't want to post all that's happened because ALL of us are challenged in this ol world but that being said our family is a STRONG family of faith and we are hanging in there what I will share is the Drumaster is going to be a Grandpa again! This time my Grandson Maximus (Max) will be here around end of October first part of November and we couldn't be happier! It is my sincere hope to be more active this year on the all do just fine without my fine advice, but I've always had great respect for this site and have not really held up my duties as a "Moderator" (not sure I'm even worthy of that moniker anymore) these past few years but there has been allot of "life events" that are the's always my intent to be involved and Jeff, Russ and the crew at FFS have always been very gracious to me and my family! I promise you all I've gotten to know them all persoanlly and they are are great group of guys...proud to call them friends as well as many of you (Glenn not so much!) 07/11/14 16:56

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“I have been playing fantasy football for 4 years and before I never made the playoffs with other service I had, but with you guys I was high point total last year and won it all and this year high point again. I owe it all too you guys” Kevin first year member

“I have been a member for the past 2 years. Last year I placed 3rd and this year...well I am the 2009 League Champ! I do have to say though, the best thing I got out of FFS was the weekly Fantasy Alerts sent directly to my email. I had a few guys compliment me on my waiver wire pickups. Another said, "You only won because of FFS."” Josh second year member

“Thank You you were awesome I was high point total 2 years in a row and won it all I cant thank you enough see you next year” Rick 2 year member

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