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Must win situation 3 / 1135 12/08/13
Lots of Options 1 / 1341 11/12/13
Jones or V Jax 2 / 1156 11/02/13
U Pick 2 5 / 1182 09/22/13

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Rashad Jennings, McFadden and Denarious Moore is out.....Holmes got double digit targets last week and the QB as said he is going to get him the ball.....does anyone think he is worth the start over Randle? 12/08/13 09:55
Standard Scoring Foles, Charles, Bush, Bell, Gio, B Marsh, V Jax, Rueben, Andre Holmes, Greg Jennings, Fleener, Green What to do with RB2 and WR3 Hard to trust gio, bush or bell, Rueben doesn't get many passes Holmes seems to be McGLoin's favorite target and D. Moore is out again. Is bell the safest bet? 12/08/13 07:38
My trade deadline is today so any advice is appreciated. I am loaded at RB with Charles, Bush, Lacy and Gio. However consistency at WR is tough with B Marsh V Jax, and then Randle/Jones at the 3. I have offers to do some straight up trades for Colston, Harvin, Roddy (I have Ryan and foles at QB), Josh Gordon, and Riley Cooper. Cooper and Colston have 2 tough schedule weeks out of the remaining 4. Gordon has been very inconsistant as well. And I dont really have a good sample size on Roddy and no sample for Harvin. Which one out of those would you like? Standard League. Ryan/Foles Charles/Bush/Lacy/Gio B Marsh/V Jax/Randle/Jones Fleener Chiefs D 11/12/13 06:46
TB is a mess and going against SEA, James Jones practiced today and looks to be good to roll Monday Night. This is for my WR3 slot, standard league starting Ryan, Charles, Lacy, B Marsh, Boykin, Fleener and Chiefs D V Jax or James Jones?!? 11/02/13 12:31

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