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Big Trade just offered, any input welcomed 1 / 1076 09/22/11
Need 2 of the three, Bradshaw, Torain, Blount 2 / 1137 12/15/10
Rodgers replacement.....asking again. 8 / 1239 12/15/10
Randy Moss available for next matcup vs. Texans? 6 / 1201 12/13/10

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I was offered: MJD, Cam Newton, and Fred Davis He's asking for: CJ2K, David Nelson, and Kellen Winslow .5 pt PPR, standard scoring after that. Input? Thanks in advance for your time. 09/22/11 18:17
Obviously starting Foster, looking for another RB and and Flex.  Already decided to sit Jackson this week against MIA.  LA says Bradshaw and Jackson. 1/2 pt PPR, standard scoring. Hard to sit Bradshaw in my mind, but last Philly outing was poor.  Only got 11 caries last week, even though he busted that long one......Was Torain's outburst last week repeatable?  Blount against DET?  What would you do? 12/15/10 18:51
OK, one of the more savy managers still alive in our league picked up Freeman to stop me from doing so.  My second waiver pick was for Garrad and that went through.  Obviously is Rodgers plays this is a mute point, but here are the other QBs available on the wire, should I make a change? Hasselbeck, Campbell, Collins, Alex Smith.....would you swap any of these for Garrad?  We score 6pts for TDs and 1pt for every 20 yards passing.  Thanks in advance for the help 12/15/10 09:15
Would I be crazy?  I could drop Knox and start Moss with Nicks and Colston?  That would be nuts...... 12/13/10 21:30

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