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draft help 5 / 1199 08/18/12
Jamaal Charles 5 / 1246 08/17/12
Starting 5 QB's 6 / 1220 08/13/12
start PHI vs MIN or DAL @ ARI? 3 / 1323 12/24/10

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The DA has DMC has the #10 RB in my PPR league, behind both Sproles (#6) and Bush (#8). ??? 08/24/12 15:47
I have noticed the last couple years that Bush has been rated higher by FFS than I am comfortable with it. That goes for this year, too. He's one I decided to move down a few tiers. Also, he has missed 21 out of 96 career games-- for a playing rate of only 78% (something that in my opinion gets horribly overlooked). Could he perform at his predicted levels for a full season? Sure, but I don't feel comfy selecting him where FFS and a lot of other sites suggest (and I'm in a PPR league). 08/24/12 15:42
"Everone has a plan, until they get punched in the head." --Mike Tyson Tiers are great when the draft punches you. I like using tiers, but I think its value is really shown in the later rounds. Tiering becomes exponentially more important and useful as the draft progresses into the late rounds when you have no idea who to pick. It also is great for that point when the upper-middle tier pool at each position starts to dwindle and you have significant dropoffs in talent. Sometimes in a league like on yahoo or ESPN or something, the players are ranked (for those who auto-draft). Even if no one is auto-drafting it still shows a default value and you must take this into consideration too-- people see that ranking and take guys earlier/later than they should. Sproles is a good example in one of my yahoo leagues (I should mention that yahoo rankings are non-PPR and mine is a PPR league, but it's just an example). He's ranked as the 19th best RB by yahoo, but my FFS sheets have him as the 6th best RB, tiered with Forte and right behind MJD and CJ. Knowing that Forte, MJD, and CJ are ranked much higher than Sproles by yahoo, you can easily see that Sproles is a tremendous value if he slips to the 3rd or 4th round. My point is that you can use tiering to find value and this gets easier as the draft progresses and the player pool dries up. As long as you don't follow them blindly, you'll be fine. That also means moving guys up or down the tiers as you see fit. I agree with the others here, FFS sheets have been the best I've used, but I still will make tweaks and adjustments to them pre-draft. Hope that helps, good luck! 08/20/12 00:49
Is this a PPR-league? 08/20/12 00:13

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