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Topic: 2008 NFL Draft Preview: QB's
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 04/11/08 11:36
With only a couple of weeks left before the draft, if you're like me, you've gathered up every NFL Draft magazine available and have poured over the write-ups and positional rankings. And after doing so, I have to say that I don't share the enthusiasm for this year's QB class that many seem to have. Perhaps that's because I look at it from a fantasy perspective and realistically very few QB's come in and help a fantasy football roster as rookies. But as I look over the QB class, I simply don't see any one guy who wows me. There could be a couple of efficient NFL starts in a few years, but there are no locks to ever turn out to be that this year. For all the hype Matt Ryan is getting, I still don't see a guy I'd trust to become a franchise QB. And none of the others make me feel that way either.
Oh sure, there's a lot to like about Ryan, but his slow delivery needs to be worked on if he is to succeed against the speed of NFL defenders. Joe Flacco has the size and arm strength most NFL teams drool over, but he comes from a I-AA school and will likely need some solid coaching before he competes to be the next Derek Anderson. Brian Brohm has enough arm strength but needs better pocket presence and needs to be more vocal as a leader. Chad Henne is either going to be a poor man's Tom Brady, or a replica of Andrew Walter. John David Booty gets flustered too easily when getting pressured and probably needs to find the right fit in terms of offensive style.
And that's just touching the surface for these guys. When you dig deeper, there are plenty of things that stand out as being warning signs of not being a franchise QB in this year's crop of passers. I certainly see enough questions that I am loathe to grade any of them out as potential studs who will adorn high places in fantasy football rankings in coming years.
But who knows? Just like most teams when it comes to their NFL draft history, I've been wrong plenty of times and can be again. But while many are praising this year's QB class of being deep, I see it as shallow, with little hope for big time excitement coming from it in the future.
For more specifics on the top QB prospects check out my 2008 NFL Draft Rankings for QB's article.
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 Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 04/13/08 07:16
I really like Henne as they guys is tough, played in alot more games, pro style offense and I think will really turn into a decent QB- in the future. Someday he could be a round 5-10 top fantasy football pick, but its going to take a while.
On another note - keep an eye out for our free fantasy football mock draft software planned to be released in early may!
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