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Topic: 2008 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 04/22/08 11:38
Every year in the NFL Draft, there are around 30-40 WR's who get selected. And you never know when a guy selected in round 7 (like Marques Colston two years ago) will step up and become a player who surprises everyone and becomes that prime fantasy football sleeper contributing unexpectedly great numbers right away. The focus and attention is usually reserved for those top 10 or so guys who get drafted in the first couple of rounds, and I have to admit I am as guilty as anyone else of paying the most attention there myself. This year is no different. While after the draft I will do my customary complete article's on all the drafted QB's, RB's, WR's, TE's, and K's from the first selected to the last after the draft is over with, before the draft, I focus mainly on the guys who have captured the name recognition of being early picks in the draft.
Now with this year's WR class, there are 3 guys I feel have the ability to come in and be solid contributors almost right away. Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Limas Sweed all possess the desired size/speed combo's you look for in today's NFL at the position. While it is rare a rookie WR comes in and dominates at the pro level right away, each of these guys could be better options than many of the re-hashed mediocre WR's who will all likely be selected in the middle rounds of most fantasy football drafts come August. A good rule of thumb is to participate in many free fantasy football mock drafts to see where these guys are being selected so you know what round you can get them in when we get to the real thing's in a few months.
There are also guys like DeSean Jackson and Mario Manningham who could be explosive in the pros, because of their great speed but they lack the physical size I look for when grading out a potential draft pick. They, along with a few others, could also be drafted higher than I expect because of their potential of becoming top kick and punt men on special teams. But for fantasy purposes, few leagues incorporate those stats (I play in none that do) and therefore while they may a greater impact that way than as WR's, I downgrade them a bit because I look to the more traditional fantasy football value a player provides.
And there are guys like Jordy Nelson, who has tremendous potential but is a little raw. He probably gets drafted on the first day, but won't garner a lot of fantasy attention unless he lands in the right spot (ala the above mentioned Colston) and surprises at training camp.
Just like with the QB's and RB's in this year's draft class, I have done a complete article with write-up's on these guys and several others and for more on them, I encourage you to check it out and leave me your comments in our fantasy football forums.
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