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Topic: How about the Rookie QB's
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Post Date: 11/03/08 17:57
Ok maybe I am crazy and jumping the gun a bit, but there are three Rookie/1st year QB's who definately seem to be opening eyes.
Ryan, Flacco and Thigpen(not a rookie, but who lost out to tavaris jackson) have shown they can lead a team They are a combined 10-8 as Starters with an avg QB rating of 76 none expected to be the driving force of their offenses. Heck Thigpen almost beat the #3 Defense in the NFL Sunday without a stud RB. Ryan has an 85 QB rating in arguably the nastiest division in the NFL.Thigpen played well enough for the Chiefs to tell Culpepper "No thanks". If you have them make sure you keep them if you don't you may want to trade for one.
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Post Date: 11/04/08 18:56
Interesting perspective Jason and would definately agree with you that while none of them are true fantasy studs,  they are winning and thats the most important thing.
Winning isn't everything- its the only thing!
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Post Date: 11/05/08 10:22
Funny you should post this. I happen to stumble across Thigpen last week in my dynasty and was hoping he pans out, but my other QB's are Ryan and Edwards. With that youth I'm crossing my fingers your right about them. I felt the same when I saw each play.
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