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Topic: Who do I start?
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Post Date: 12/27/08 19:09
I'm in 1st place by 21 pts , 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 K, 1 D
 My team;
RB-Turner, Gore, T.Choice
WR- Boldin, Owens, Avery, Hixon, Bradley
K-Folk, Elam
D- Mia, Minn
I'm thinking Owens,Avery,Bradley as my WR trio, then Elam and Mia D.
Definately starting Turner but can't decide between a healthy Choice(ha ha) or  gimpy Gore. What do ya think?
Thanks ahead for your input
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Post Date: 12/27/08 22:59
If Boldin is playing you have to play him with Owens and Bradley I'd say maybe if healthy. Turner a must start and Choice Dallas must win and Barber is still gimpy. Elam he has done good for me the last 4 weeks.  Defense Mia to be safe but Min has upside.  I've already won my championship(12-4) now I'm going for points Champ but I'm in 2nd place by 30 points. Good Luck to you
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Post Date: 12/28/08 06:51
"Q" is gimpy at best and has nothing to play for except getting hurt further IF he plays it won't be much I'd roll with your thoughts on lineup but I would entertain playing the MInn DF over Mia BOTH have something to play for but how much fight is in the Giants having things locked up is my question.

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.1 pt per yard rush/rec, 6-pts. per TD, (NO-PPR) (QB/RB/WR)
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START: 1-QB, 1-RB, 1-WR, 1-TE, 1-FLEX (RB/TE) 1-FLEX (RB/WR) 1-PK, 1-DST
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Post Date: 12/28/08 08:27
Boldin is very unlikely to play and would rather play Bradly or Hixon over Avery this week - aside from Turner RB's are iffy may have to go with Choice
Elam and the  Vikings Defense
Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 12/28/08 09:27
Start Choice over Gimpy Gore for sure. I'd also rather start Minny's D over Miami since the Giants have nothing to play for and we'll see David Carr at QB by the second half. Minny needs the win and is at home (where their D usualy plays better); the Giants need to stay healthy. Otherwise I think you nailed it.
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