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Topic: Strength of Season Draft Help
Chris _68371
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Joined: May 08
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Post Date: 05/31/09 15:06
Would it be possible to get a tool that once you identify a player would recommend other players that might easier replace that player due to injury/bye/poor play.  I am not talking a team hand cuff cause that is easy, but something that incorporates strength of schedule and other stats.  Like if I Draft LT with my number one pick, this tool would recommend I pick up say Morice Morris as a SOS-handcuff, because based on SOS and bye weeks most times that SD plays and hard run defense Seattle plays an easy run defense etc....   This way if LT gets hurt and at a minimum for the bye week I would have another good option.  This would help me draft better and if I were to get LT, then although probably low on everyone else's list I would bump up morris and try to grab him as my 4th RB to cover LT during the season.  Hopefully this makes sense and you get a GIST of what I am asking.  I do this a lot on my own and it distracts me during the drafts somewhat.  Thanks
 Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 06/03/09 20:01
Chris- sorry for the delay in getting back to you and this is a good idea, one we actaully have put some thought around, however, to make it accurate- there are to many variables to rely on. Thats our opinion. What we do offer is our SMART Alerts that actually is personalized to your roster and tells you players to drop/add on a weekly basis. Go to
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