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Topic: Up in Smoke
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 02/22/06 12:03
I doubt if it's an original headline when it comes to Ricky Williams, but it was that or "Reefer Madness", and since the Cheech and Chong movie was much more entertaining I opted for it.

Let's see...

It was 3 years ago that Ricky Williams was being heralded as potentially the top RB for fantasy football. He was coming off an impressive 1,853 rush yard, 16 rushing TD season and the signs were all pointing to his living up to the hype created when Mike Ditka traded away an entire draft to move up and select Ricky for the New Orleans Saints. Ricky was being mentioned in the same breath with guys like Priest Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson as a premiere fantasy RB. I myself even had him pegged as the #3 RB going into 2003. Things looked sweet for not only the fantasy players with Ricky, but also for his career to finally come together the way it was expected to.

Fast forward to 2004, and Ricky fails an NFL drug test and decides he'd rather retire. Shock and dismay followed that decision throughout the fantasy community. Speculation ran rampant that he may somehow strike a deal and return to the NFL that season, but that was more wishful thinking than anything that could be truly expected to happen. You don't basically thumb your nose at the NFL hierarchy and expect to get preferential treatment. Not even when you're considered to be as talented as Ricky was.

So Ricky Williams sits out the 2004 season, discovers that he will indeed be forced to repay 8 million dollars in money he had already received from the Miami Dolphins, and then probably at the beggings of his agent, goes back to the NFL and plays the 2005 for Miami, hoping to do enough to not have to give that money back. Ricky has a good season splitting time with 1st round draft pick Ronnie Brown in the Miami backfield, and everything looks promising for Ricky again. There's talk of the Dolphins being willing to peddle Ricky for a second round pick, and teams that likely will pay it to get him on their team.

All is starting to really look up again for Ricky Williams until 8 words are spoken:

"Mr Williams, will you please fill this cup?"

Now it might not have exactly been stated that way, and there's even debate going on that he didn't fail a drug test, he just simply missed one, but the most recent reports are that he did take one, and failed it.

So now he's waiting for appeal. And what looked like a guy who was going to return to fantasy football prominence is now simply another pipe dream.

Another career up in smoke.
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Post Date: 02/22/06 12:23
Williams is crazy. This situation does not help him, the Dolphins, or the rest of the NFL. Not to mention our favorite past time Fantasy Football! I figured he would be traded to Denver and then be worth a third round pick in my 12 man fantasy football league!
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Post Date: 02/23/06 15:11
What a waste Ricky Williams is. He's saying he didn't take any drugs, but even if he inadvertently took something that still shows, but isn't a "drug" he's an idiot for putting anything in his body that would show up. Hell, if I wre him, I wouldn't even touch V-8 or graham crackers without checking first to see whether they could show up as positive in way.

Or perhaps it's as simple as he didn't know that wasn't oregano in his spaghetti sauce.
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