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Topic: Reprieve! The Sky's NOT Falling (yet).
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 03/03/06 12:22
Well the owners and players union extended the deadline to Monday at 12:01am Eastern time for the start of free agency. This extra time will buy both sides more time to come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement as realistically, both sides lose if they don't get it done. Since they are fairly close in terms of numbers, it's likely something gets done. I just can't believe that either side will get so stubborn that they don't accept a reasonable compromise.

And even if they don't get it done (which I doubt), it will not be the doom and gloom that a lot of analysts are making it out to be. There will be some definite changes, and a clear division between the "have's" and "have not's" in terms of teams who will have money to throw around, but it's not like the entire landscape of the NFL will crumble. Oh sure, it's likely we'll see at least one work stoppage (strike by the players; lock out by the owners), but the NFL will still be the NFL and a new agreement would be agreed on at that time.

But it's things like that that make me believe they'll get something worked out before the Sunday deadline (or if they extend it again, by that new deadline). With the exception of a handful of owners with boat-loads of money, and a handful of elite players who can command any salary they want, both sides lose if they don't reach an agreement.

We shall see how long it takes for both sides to realize it and make the deal happen.
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Post Date: 03/05/06 07:35
It's Sunday and I see no progress on both sides, so it could be a very interestind day. Do I watch the Acadamy Awards or the Waiver Wire!
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