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Topic: NFL Free Agents: Thoughts and Ponderings
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 03/07/06 12:04
Given that I believe it's a foregone conclusion the NFL owners and the NFL Player's Union will come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement very soon, and the fact I've given it considerable space in prior entries, I just have some thoughts about some of the NFL free agents, and possible free agents.

*-The Rams signing DT La'Roi Glover make it seem doubtful they'll keep both Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis. Both Picket and Lewis are former first round picks, and both have shown signs of being good DT's, but neither has been consistent. The signing of Glover is a sign the Rams are finally thinking about their defense.

*-It wasn't a surprise that Chad Pennington re-worked his contract to stay with the New York Jets. The Jets were his best opportunity to compete for a starting job as the favorite. Now the Jets need to make sure they sign someone competent as a backup. Given the injuries they suffered in 2005, they might want to sign 2 or 3 more guys who are competent.

*-As I stated in the Word to the Winner's article on free agent WR's, the lack of top free agent WR's means the value of those who are near the top of the class will likely get more attention then they normally would. Already I've seen that practically every team in the NFL is interested in David Givens. Cleveland makes the most sense though. They have the money, the need, and the prior relationship through Romeo Crennel to be the top candidates to land Givens.

*-I really hope that the Redskins let Patrick Ramsey go. I still believe that Ramsey has the ability to a good starting QB in the NFL and a fresh start somewhere else would do wonders for him. Despite the fact that Steve Spurrier's system nearly getting him killed, and then Joe Gibbs completely tearing down his confidence, there's still a chance for Ramsey to get his career on track in a fresh city looking for a strong armed QB who has starting expereince and lots of room to develop.

*-Nice to see the Seahawks step up and finally reward Shaun Alexander they way they should. Still can't help but think they could have gotten him signed for less money if they had been smart and done it last off-season though. Their next priority should be to retain G Steve Hutchinson so their offense doesn't miss a beat in 2006.

*-Proving that the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league is the case of Rams WR Isaac Bruce. Bruce was scheduled to cost a lot of money against the cap in 2006, but even if no new CBA is reached, the Rams still would have had plenty of room to keep Bruce on the roster. For all those years when Bruce was making below market value he never complained. Now that his play doesn't meet up to the cost of his contract, the Rams are trying to recoup some dollars from him. Typical. That said, I expect that Bruce will be back with the Rams in 2006 as they are still likely to pay him more than many other clubs (even if it's less than what his current contract was for).

*-The Browns made the right move in signing Reuben Droughns to a new contract. Droughns proved to be reliable and durable his first year in Cleveland and while he's not a special RB, he's definitely a solid one.

*-Ahman Green signing with the Packers is a good move for the team. They still could use a young RB to go with Green and Samkon Gado, but it's no longer a pressing need.

*-Former Broncos RB Mike Anderson on the Philadelphia Eagles would make a lot of sense for both the team and the player. He knows the west coast offense and the Eagles need a bigger RB who can be a pounder to compliment Brian Westbrook and Ryan Moats.

*-As much as the current rumors are that the Broncos would like to trade Tatum Bell and have Ron Dayne as their top guy, I just have a hard time envisioning Dayne as a top fantasy RB. Stranger things have happened though and ayne did look pretty good running in Denver last year when he got the chance.
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Post Date: 03/10/06 10:05
I hear Dante Culpepper moving to the Oakland Raiders is very likely as well. With Johnson's performance last year, I don't think the Vikings will be missing much, but it would be very interestng to see Moss and Culpepper together again.

Both had lackluster seasons without each other. And even though they didn't always get along when they were at the Vikings, they did manage to put up big numbers.
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