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Topic: Edgerrin James
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 03/11/06 08:52
So Edge is in Arizona to meet with the Cardinals. How serious is he about possibly signing with Arizona? Well, it does say something when he brings his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, with him.

But really, can anyone seriously see a fantasy stud RB in Arizona? Who was the last RB they had that even came close to qualifying as a "stud" fantasy RB? Stump Mitchell? Ottis Anderson? Terry Metcalf? CHARLIE TRIPPI?

Was fantasy football even in the primordial stages of idea-hood when Charlie Trippi was playing?


Back to the question: why is Edgerrin James visiting the Arizona Cardinals? And why are the Cardinals hosting James when they've said several times that they don't intend to spend a lot of money on just one guy?

Something just doesn't add up.

Am I just being cynical? After all, I've lived in Arizona since 1977. I was a Cardinals season ticket for a few years before getting into broadcasting. I hosted a Cardinals pre and post-game show on radio for several years. I've used practically every adjective in the English language that is a synonym for "bad" during the course of those years.

Have my prior experiences jaded me when it comes to the Cardinals? Why can't I really believe that there's a chance Edgerrin James signs with this team? It's practically a perfect match for Edge. He wants money; the Cardinals have money. He wants to play on grass; the Cardinals play on grass. He wants to prove he's one of the best RB's ever? If he can run for 1,500 yards as a member of the Cardinals, he would go a long way to proving it. This team simply hasn't gotten that type of top-end production from their RB's in decades.

So why do I doubt it could really happen? I know Arizona isn't Miami or Tampa (Edge's top 2 places he'd like to play), but those teams don't need a RB. Arizona does. And while teams like Denver or Jacksonville are closer to getting to a Super Bowl than Arizona, the NFL has proven over the past 10 years that any team can go from the basement to the penthouse.

Tell you what. All cynicism aside, this match should happen. The Cardinals shouldn't let this chance to finally get a top of the line RB on their roster get away from them. He's in town. They NEED a RB. His agent is with him. There's not a reason in the world to let him get on a plane and visit another team. There's no reason for throwing the biggest fish in the free agent market back into the pool. Everything is in place to get the deal done.

If it doesn't get done, it's got to be because of one of two reasons:

1) The Cardinals low-balled him. If this is the case, fans should scream loudly as the team finally has this bright shiny new building with luxury suites and local revenue streams the team claimed it needed to have to be aggressive in free agency.

2) James and Rosenhaus are simply doing what has been the status quo for most free agents for many years now: using the Cardinals as leverage to try and get a better deal from a team Edge would actually play for. Seen it too many times. Players come in, have a press conference talking about how "great it would be to be an Arizona Cardinal", how this team is "on the rise" and on the cusp of "doing something special", and how they really wouldn't mind being a Cardinal; only to see them fly out of town and never return.

Business as usual in the desert? We'll soon see.
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Post Date: 03/12/06 08:56
Interesting firt day of free agency. I don't see the Cardinals landing Edge- This visit is for posturing, however, it should attract some RB's to come here with weapons like Boldin and Fitzgerald. You are correct about this being an attractive place to play - new stadium and grass however, it's still the Bidwills.
But remember - Emmit Smith came here, so you never know.
Thomas _5045
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Post Date: 03/12/06 09:56
It'd sure be nice to see the Cardinals break the cynical trend that everyone has in regards to their past. James would be a great addition and would help both sell tickets, and change the attitude of how the team is perceived. Everyone complains about the offensive line, but Emmitt ran for 900 yards a couple of years ago, and he was on his last legs. I think that proved the problem was not just the line, but also the running backs the Cardinals have had. A guy like Edgerrin James will put up some great numbers no matter where he goes.
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Post Date: 03/12/06 14:39
Wow, ESPN/Cardinals report - Edge is in the valley to stay! I stand corrected - Great move for AZ
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