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Topic: NFL Free Agent Updates
Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 03/14/06 14:14
Amazing how fast things work in the NFL. Since I completed my recent Word to the Winners article on the early free agent signings (which you will find in the Word to the Winners" tab) there have been several moves that should have at least a note written about them:

*-Drew Brees signs with New Orleans: Now this was fairly expected so it shouldn't be a surprise. Brees gets to throw in a dome most of the time (thusly disguising his lack of arm strength on the deep balls from the elements) and got the 10 million he wanted in bonus. I've discussed Brees before (see my blog on Chargers Making The Right Move) so I won't get redundant here, but suffice to say, the Saints are now actively trying to trade their first round pick (#2 overall) in the April draft to a team actively wanting to draft a QB.

*-Daunte Culpepper traded to Miami: This deal is for the Dolphins second round pick and is provisional on Culpepper passing a physical with the Dolphins. When that physical gets taken isn't known, but it's a foregone conclusion that the deal is going to be done. In the long run, I suspect that we'll all be in agreement that the Dolphins ripped the Vikings off in this one.

*-Jon Kitna signs with Detroit: A little surprised here as I question if Kitna fits the offense of Mike Martz. But that's their choice and now Kitna will compete with Joe Harrington for the starting job. Personally, I don't think the Lions QB of 2007 is on the roster right now.

*-Terrell Owens released by Philadelphia: No one should be shocked by this. Let the TO bidding begin!

David Givens signs with Tennessee: Not sure if Givens was worth as much as he got (5 years, 24 mil, 8 mil signing bonus), but the Titans needed a guy who could stay healthy and compliment Drew Bennett. Guess last year was the death knell for the Tyrone Calico experiment. Personally, if the Titans had this money to give, they should have gone after Terrell Owens. Neither Bennet nor Givens is really cut out to be a teams #1 WR but both are excellent #2's.

*-Brian Finneran re-signs with Atlanta: this was a smart move by the Falcons.

*-Corey Bradford signs with Detroit: Last chance for Bradford to make an impact somewhere in his career. But since I consider Roy Williams, Mike Williams, and Charles Rogers all to be superior WR's, can't say I see a lot of value in Bradford.

That's going to do it for a few days as I am on my way to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for the FSTA conference this week. If anything important happens, I'll scribble a few notes when I get back.


I am going to Las Vegas for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference. It has NOTHING at all to do with the NCAA Tourney starting up. Honest!

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