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Topic: Detroit Lions QB's
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 05/20/06 08:25
I know, I know, it's mid-late May, and way too early to really be jumping into player evaluations for fantasy football player rankings, but it's never too early to be getting the jump on your competition in your fantasy football leagues with some fantasy football advice.

I've been paying attention to the Lions minicamp, as we know that QB's in Mike Martz's system have historical proved to be solid fantasy football starters. Could we see that with Jon Kitna or Josh McCown? Maybe. It's even possible that a rookie I liked last year in my 2005 rookie write-ups may be getting closer to making the noise I thought him possible of.

Although it's still very early, apparently Kitna is currently running away with the starting job in his competition with McCown. And apparently, Dan Orlovsky (the aforementioned rookie) has been very impressive as well. Martz seemingly likes Orlovsky's attitude and skills. And it's possible that Orlovsky could be giving McCown a run for his money as the #2 QB.

Now, again, it's WAAAAAAY early, but I know some of you have fantasy football drafts that are done in June and July. Some even (especially in dynasty style fantasy football leagues) have either rookie and unclaimed veterans drafts, or very deep drafts going past your standard 16-20 rounds. In these leagues, I'm telling you now that it's worth that late round flyer, especially if you were the one who drafted Kitna, to take a flyer on Orlovsky. If it doesn't pan out, it was only a very late pick. If it does pan out, you've become a genius.

But pay attention during training camp, and the minicamps before then. Orlovsky could be a guy who either by the end of this year, or maybe in 2007 who starts to get noticed. That's valuable to know if you're in a keeper league and he's available.

Just some food for thought and a little early fantasy football advice. It never hurts.
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Post Date: 05/20/06 09:21
You forgot to mention how this is the "Lion's Year" and that they're serious contenders for the bowl. I know Bob agrees with me on this one and I'm sure you do as well. Go Lions!
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