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Topic: CBA Note: Don't Worry About The Owners Walking Away
Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 02/11/11 13:33
So the sky is falling once again, huh? The NFL owners walked out of negotiations that were to take place Wednesday and Thursday after receiving a proposal from the NFLPA in which the union reportedly asked for 50% of all revenue to be shared with the players. Apparently, the owners were unprepared for this and walked away.
I can't understand why they were supposedly surprised by this. Pretty much this exact same proposal is drawn up on the NFLPA's "Lockout Central" site and has been there for weeks (if not months). It's pretty much been the union's mantra all during the season and expecting them to have changed it without the NFL sitting down to explain why that doesn't work for the owners would be unrealistic.
Instead of walking away from the table, the NFL should have been ready for this and had a counter-proposal prepared for just this. I know I would have. So why the walkout? Two words:
Negotiating tactics.
It makes a nice dramatic scene. It makes the media jump on the speculation wagon that the players are being unreasonable and not ready for real negotiating. It allows the owners to look unified although they have their own internal differences on what they want to see in a new CBA.
Don't get me wrong, I am more on the side of the owners than the players in this debate and have put that idea forward previously in this fantasy football blog. But I also wonder at the tactic of walking away without any discussion at all. And this time around, it was the owners who walked away.
At a time when we should be concentrating on things like free agency, the rookie prospects, and the NFL Scouting Combine, we instead are left wondering if the owners will come back to the table? When will the next round of talks commence? Will they get a deal done before the March 4th deadline? Can these two sides get an agreement done in time for there to be a free agency period and off-season activities?
The answers, in short, are:
-YES. The owners will come back to the table
-The next round of talks are likely to be dropped on us "suddenly" without warning they are going to take place, and likely within the next 10 days.
-NO. I think there will be a flurry of activity right before the March 4th deadline and while progress will be made, a signed, sealed, and delivered new CBA won't be ready.
-YES. The two sides can get an agreement done with plenty of time to allow for free agency and off-season activities. The question really is "will they?" and I think they will.
The NFL is a 9 billion dollar industry. Neither side wins with a prolonged lockout. Neither side makes money if there is no season, and they both lose a lot of money every day we get closer to July without an agreement in place.
So right now, while the doom and gloom talk is everywhere, understand that this is all part of negotiations. And just like in 2006 when the last CBA was worked out, and the doom and gloom talk was in full force as the original deadline passed, everything worked out in the end. And I'm very confident it will again in 2011.
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