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Topic: 2 QB starter ESPN league I pick number 4 out of 6 in a snake , do I go
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Post Date: 08/02/11 21:15
-using the standard  top twenty overall guys in the draft - RB, RB or QB RB or RB QB or QB QB ?
PS draft analyer in order from 1 down = Foster, Peterson, CJohnson, Turner, Rice, Mendenhall, Vick, McFadden, Ingam, Forte, AJohnson, McCoy, Charles, Blount, Greene, White, Nicks, Rodgers, MJD, Brees, Brady, Gore ...
Thanks !!
PS> Been in league 4 years, finished dead last first 3 w/o FFS, used FFS last season- WON the whole DAMN THING !!!! THANKS FFS and I'M back for more !
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Post Date: 08/02/11 21:32
Great to hear you won last year and are back Michael!  What's your scoring system and lineup? Do you start two QB's is that why you have QB, QB as a possibilty?

Without the scoring its hard to tell,  I think at the 4 spot you have to go with one of the top 4 RB's.  After that its a toss up in such a small league means you are picking at the 9 spot after that, there is just so much talent left.  If it is a start two QB league I could be down for one of the stud QB's at the 9th spot.  Otherwise I am going for another RB or a stud WR.
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Post Date: 08/03/11 09:12
A quick aside here. The league I manage allows owners the chance to start 2 QBs. In 2008 of a 10 team draft the owner at the 7 spot took Brady and in the wrap around took Brees in the second. He would have ran away with the league if it were not for Brady going doing in Week #1. His RBs were led by MJD in round three.

As Nic asked for, what's the scoring system? You figure by round three those that selected RBs in the first few rounds are going to pass by some tier 2 and 3 RBs, like Blount, Grant, Bradshaw, maybe Best and Moreno just to name a few. I think it's a valid strategy, I know some won't take QBs in the first few rounds, but I have been a supporter of it since I started playing.

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Post Date: 08/03/11 10:18
Ive been playing in a 2qb league - 8teams for three yrs now. the first two years i won my league having at least one stud qb. ( 2008: manning and rothleisberger, 2009: rivers and cutler) in 2010 i decided on a different strategy in which i would pass on a top qb and go rb. (2010 qbs: schaub and flacco) this strategy worked throughout the season util the playoffs in which most of the teams had great qb's. i stood no chance, being booted iin the first round... ending my chance at a 3 peat.
heres my 2 cents:
basically it comes down to this, having good qb's automatically puts you ahead of the pack. they touch the ball more than anyone on the field giving them more chances to score you points on a consistent bases. and thats what you want as a manager, guys that will go out and rack up points consistently and qbs do this the best. espeacially if you get the top tiers (rodgers, vick, brees, brady, rivers, manning). i recommend you drafting QB/QB based on your point system, in a 6 team league where you have a good chance of getting two good ones.
here was my leagues point system:
qb: 1 pt/20 yds   7pts/1 td
wr/rb: 1 pt/10 yds   7 pts/1 td   .5 ppr
i think qb are worth way more in my opinion, especially in two qb leagues and if the point system favors them.
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/03/11 12:49
Wow. 6 team league? Every team must be stacked.
IN very small leagues like this, recognizing the Tier groupings becomes even more critical as usually the guy with the most studs wins. It's not like in bigger leagues where pretty much every team has 1 stud. If you pick 4th out of 6 in a seprentine style, you would have picks #'s
4, 9, 16, 21
for the first 4 rounds. I'd just keep taking the best studs every round between QB's, RB's, and WR's and make sure to see when the highest tiers are closing out on players.
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Post Date: 08/05/11 12:53
Thanks to all above -great advice !!! will keep you posted on draft day !!
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