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Topic: Auction League Keeper Help
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Post Date: 08/13/11 18:27
Standard scoring PPR league, 12 teams
I have the following options for keepers, of which I can keep 3.  Some are real easy, some not so easy.  I give my thoughts with each one.
Adrian Foster - cost: 6.4% of budget - The easiest keeper decision ever.
Roddy White - 22.8% of budget - This one is probably a keeper.  The top 10 WRs go for 25-30% of budget, mostly because there are typically only 3 or 4 not kept.  White is a deal, though not an outstanding one.  I'm leaning heavily toward keeping him.
Andre Johnson - 31.6% of budget - I don't believe he will go for this much in the draft.  If I decide I want him, I think I can get him at the draft, certainly for no more than what I'd pay to keep him.  Leaning heavily toward not a keeper.
Joe Flacco - 7.2% of budget - Every year I get Flacco at what I think is a great price, every year he seems to disappoint me.  I'm certain that he won't cost this much at the draft.  Not a keeper.
Ryan Mathews - 36.4% of budget - No chance I keep him unless you all say I'm nuts to expose him to the draft.
Mike Tolbert - 10.8% of budget - This is a tough call.  If Mathews stays healthy all year, this isn't going to pay off.  If Mathews gets hurt for a significant period, this is a great play.  RB2-3's go for 8 -20% of budget in our league, with about 15 of the top 30 RBs selected as keepers.  Tolbert is probably an RB3 and if I keep him, I may have a chance at Mathews for a slightly smaller price because I hold his handcuff.  This is the one choice that is really difficult for me, so I'm really interested in your input.
Any thoughts are helpful.  Thanks.
All teams standard scoring
Team 1: PPR, 2-2-Flex
QB: P Manning, M Hasselbeck, C Ponder, A Smith
RB: Foster, Benson, Tolbert, Carter, Gerhart, Battle
WR: White, Wayne, M Williams (sea), Nelson
TE: Graham
PK: Gould, Novak
DT: Pit, Sfo

Team 2 (PPR, 2-2)
QB: P Manning, Freeman, Fitzpatrick
RB: Best, Battle, Benson, D Brown, Ridley, B Scott
WR: White, S Johnson, Meachem, Crabtree, R, D Moore
TE: Davis, Finley
PK: Cundiff

Team 3: (nonPPR, 2-2-Flex)
QB: E Manning, Palmer, Kolb
RB: McFadden, Ingram, Battle, Jacobs
WR: A Johnson, Nicks, S Johnson, Meachem, L Robinson
TE: Gronkowski, Pettigrew
PK: Henery, Novak
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 08/13/11 18:44
No way do I retain Mathews. He struggled when camp started, wasn't started in the first pre-season game and he is not the "main RB" right now for San Diego. That goes to Tolbert, who will be the goal line and third down back. So while Mathews might work between the 20s, I believe he will struggle again this year.

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Post Date: 08/13/11 18:47
I'm not experienced in auction leagues but I understand them for the most part.  I'd keep Foster, White and Tolbert.  I like Andre, but White won't be much behind him and is cheaper.  I wouldn't keep both cuz that's quite a bit of cash before you even start the draft, I'd rather use that for value RBs and WRs.  I'm not a huge Tolbert fan, but this is pretty solid value since he's looking to get at least half the work.
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 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/14/11 15:39
I agree with Cody here. Foster, White, and Tolbert would be my keepers.
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