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Topic: Rashard Mendenhall
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Post Date: 09/27/11 14:42
What guys with this guy?  Russ had him ranked out of the universe this year, I thought he'd be decent as well.  Sure he has a great schedule, but when he can't even get going against a putrid Indy team, I'm getting a little bit more than worried.  Even more so in ppr he is surely looking to be a "dud." Thoughts?
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Post Date: 09/27/11 15:03
He will come around. He won't ever be a PPR guy like Forte though.
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Post Date: 09/27/11 15:09
They have been dealing with massive injuries on the Oline.  You can't predict that.  Lots of reshuffling.  They may be looking for help on that end.  If they can get healthy it could help.
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Post Date: 09/27/11 15:43
part of me wants to be smug for avoiding mendenhall in every draft i was in, but to be honest his failure has more to do with an offensive line that seems to be made of recycled paper.
while it's nice to tell yourself that it's not your guy's fault that he's failing, when you draft a rb, you draft his o-line as well, and i think it's time to bail. as of sunday, i would have taken mendenhall trade bait just based off of name recognition, figuring he would turn it around, but after looking so pathetic against the colts run-d, i won't touch him.
i'd suggest that you float his name out there and hope that you can get someone to trade you l. blount level player. or you could go after gore, chris johnson, or other players who have their owners so frustrated that they don't see the big red flags on mendy.
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