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Topic: OK: BUY MY TEAM..
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Post Date: 10/01/11 12:14
0-3, and cant think straight about my line up anymore...i know it's not over...SOO
QB: 3pt td, -1 pt int, no yardage, 3pts at 300yrd
RB: 6pt td, no yardage, 3pts at 100yrd
WR: 6pt td, no yardage, 3pts at 120yrd
TE: 6pt td, no yardage, 3pts at 80 yrd
K: 3pt, +3pt at 50 Yrd, +1 pt each extra yrd. (stupid rule!)
ALL TDs: double if 50 yrd or longer.
extra 5 pt bonus every 50 yrd after intial yardage bonus.


QB: m.sanchez, j.flacco, hasselbeck
RB: r.mendenhall, i.redman, d.mcfadden, c.benson
WR: r.white, m.wallace, b.marshall, r.meachem, decker
TE: o.daniels, j.cook
K: s.gostkowski, n.novak
DEF: eagles, saints
 Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 10/01/11 14:23
Frank my brother! You can not call it over yet and thats a pretty good team. You are joking right? Just got to get a stud QB, but you have potential to package (benson, TE, WR). Hang tight
Winning isn't everything- its the only thing!
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 10/01/11 18:53
Yeah Jeff, I said that last week. Outside the Charles ACl I am surprised at the 0-3 start. Frank, I officially made it through 10 weeks last year before I tossed the towel in. Although in hindsight, it was over with the 3rd pick in the draft, one Shonn Greene. Need I recount the horror? I view your team coached by Norv Turner, they are underperforming, but they will turn it around and go like 10-0 over the next 10 weeks. You watch!

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