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Topic: P. Manning
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Post Date: 10/12/11 06:40
So a guy in my league (12 teams, 2qb start per week, 2wr, 2rb, te, 2flx) who has been holding on to peyton dropped him.
MY question is it worth picking up peyton and stashing him for the FF playoffs? will he be back by then?
THANKs for the help/advice...
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 10/12/11 08:27
Nope, not worth stashing at all. I think he is done with football, wouldn't waste a spot on him

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Post Date: 10/12/11 10:12
Yea what TBH said!

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Post Date: 10/12/11 11:09
I'm taking a different line here.  If you are going to fill that extra spot with J Battle, or some other person who might see your lineup at some point, then forget Peyton.  I think he'll be back at some point, and there's an outside chance (way outside, I'll grant) it will be in the last couple of weeks of the season.  Championships sometimes go to those who take chances that pay off.
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Post Date: 10/13/11 07:04
I believe Peyton is done for the season and quite possible a career. I scratched him from my pre-draft rankings in Aug Im holding true today and will be tomorrow. As all competitor would like to leave on their own terms  sometimes the body does not let that happen. it's tough to go down like that and Im sure he understands and realizes there really isn't much more he could accomplish that is worth the risk of future health.
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Post Date: 10/13/11 09:11
Whether or not he plays football again remains to be seen.  Even if by
some miracle he is healthy enough to play this year, the Colts won't risk it for
various reasons.  One, the season will be lost by then. Two, they will be in the running for Andrew Luck or some other high draft pick QB to take over for mediocre Painter and the eventual retirement of Peyton.
I hope to see him play again, but like Dana said it's not worth the risk of future health.
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Post Date: 10/13/11 11:49
I dont see him playing this season with the way theyve been playing. Why bring him back and risk his lifelong health just to improve to 4-12 and lose the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes. Its a known fact they are very hot about him. If i had to bet, i dont think he ever plays another snap.
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Post Date: 10/13/11 15:44
The only possible reasoning the Colts might have to play Manning is to get a better assessment of whether he still has what it takes after the two surgeries prior to making the decision in Feb whether to get out of his contract.  Although seeing him practice might be enough, they may want to see how he does in a couple of games. 
However, even if this happens, how good do you think Manning will be considering he hasn't played football in a long time.  Would you really want to start him his first or second game back over your other options after all that time.  I wouldn't, even if he is P. Manning.
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Post Date: 10/15/11 20:21
Thanks for the advice... made my decision really easy...
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Post Date: 10/16/11 09:38
He's done.
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