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Topic: Start or Sit A Johnson?
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Post Date: 12/04/11 07:17
Please no generic answer that everyone says all the time. I have Andre Johnson & every web site, commentator & so called professional said last week. You drafted him as your #1 wr you have to play him. (NO YOU DO NOT). I went w/ my gut last week and I won by 3 pts. With Johnson coming off this injury and knowing he was not going to take a full load of snaps I did not feel he was going to produce and I benched him and I was right. However this week, my gut cannot make a decision, just because he is a monster does not guarantee he is going to put up good #'s w/ any QB back there. (example) I drafted Fitz last year because I have always wanted him and never could get him. I didnt care about the QB situation with Fitz being arguably one of the top 3 WR's in the league. He did not produce last year and I regretted it all year. I could have drafted R White at that time who I was also contemplating. Just because you are a stud WR it does matter who is throwing you the ball....... So here it is I am debating between A Johnson and his rookie QB throwing him the ball. If were lucky maybe he gets 60yds & a td again that is if we are lucky. Or I go w/ Antonio Brown, who  is not the big name reciever and not a stud by any means but he has been consistant since week 7 the last 5 games. He has averaged about 90yds a game and 10.6 fantsy pts per my league settings. He is the clear cut #2 WR and has a way better QB situation w/ B. Roth and he has M. Wallace on the other side taking away alot of the attention. I know he is no way in A Johnson's league but the situation at this time just seems to be better for him. So what do you think?Who do I start?...... I'm not against starting A Johnson but if you answer this thread can you please back it up w/ some reasoning? Not just he's a beast...... I am very sorry that this question is so long fellas, but I had to explain exactly how I was viewing this situation. This is a $250 buy in 12 team league. High stakes here and our playoffs started last week so its win or go home. PLease, I need some great advice.
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Post Date: 12/04/11 08:03
Donald, in general you are asking us to defend the "play your studs" mantra that many of us implore and without question over the long haul that is the right strategy  howver...this argument can be made to throw that out the freakin window!

So to your point does/did it surprise me that Andre came back from a bad injury with Matt freakin Leinert throwing to him, blow out his shoulder and the third string rook comes in and he had an accident in the bed...not really.  

Under normal circumstances I would be in the play your studs, Andre starts no matter what, don't over think it mode...but your real choice is a third string rook throwing to a pro bowler or a pro bowler throwing to a good receiver...I'll take the Big Ben and Brown this week in your case.

You need a a goofy year, Houston is done (they just don't know it)...Pitts at home, against a rival which means Wallace will draw the double...I start Brown....

Best I got buddy boy good luck...

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Post Date: 12/04/11 08:08
Starting Johnson last week or this week is really based on match ups.  If you read any of my posts last week, I said that he no longer is a must start due to the injury and QB situation and recommended that he sit IF the other wr match ups were better.  

Having said that, Brown has a difficult match up this week vs Cincy.  Big Ben's thumb may or may not have an impact, so both choices carry some risk.  The Texans will surely try to control the ball with Foster and maybe even Tate to keep Ryan and his offense off the field.  I like AJ slightly better this week, since Yates should be able to find him for a 4-5 catches and possibly a TD.  However, the issue of his hammy still needs to be considered.  He seemed to come out of last weeks game OK.  Brown is healthy and Pitt is now using a controled passing game to replace a poor running game, so if you follow the rule and start the healthy player, then Brown is your start.  

Not much help, I know.  It really is a coin toss.  Yates is an unknown.  AJ's hammy causes concern.  Brown has the Cincy match up.  

Due to AJ's talent, he gets the start by only a slight margin.
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