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Topic: Matchups to Exploit: QB's and RB'S -Week 15
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 12/13/11 19:50
I won't be writing anymore target reports this year since we are in the playoffs now. It's really not needed. It will return next season. It's just another tool for you to use on FFS.
Out of my 5 playoff teams I played last week, two lost and three advanced. As I said before, the luck factor has never been more involved as it has been this year. You never know what will happen when you start third and fourth string type  players due to all of the injuries.
Good luck to you and cross your fingers on Sunday. You will need it!
Quarterback Starts:
Rex Grossman against a Giant defense that can't stop the pass. They have given up 24 td's through the air. Only the Vikings have given up more.
Tony Romo against a Tampa pass defense that has given up 248 yards a game and 22 total td's this season.
Jake Locker against a putrid Colts pass defense that fessed' up over 273 passing yards a game and gives up the 9th most fantasy points to QB's. Check and make sure he is starting though and don't play him unless you have a better option or need a QB. I know he is a rookie but he has shown flashes great production this year when he has been called upon to perform.
Tim Tebow against the worse defense that the Patriots have  put on a field in the last ten years. Tebow showed last week that he will air it out if need be and the Pats could not cover a slow moving scud missile through that weak secondary.
Add in Tebow's running skill on you might have a big day from a winning quarterback that has the throwing mechanics of a " Pass, Punt, and Kick" contestant entering their first contest.
But does it matter? Just win baby! And that is exactly what he does.
Running Backs:
Cedric Benson, who has been running like his tail is on fire the last few weeks against a Ram defense that has allowed over 2000 yards this year. Worst in the league. Benson is a sure start in yardage and standard leagues on Sunday.
Willis McGahee against the ugly run defense of the Patriots. Sure, they are rated 13th against the run only because everyone is passing on them. Their weak linebackers don't have a clue on how to stop the run and McGahee will exploit that in standard leagues this week.
 Chris Johnson is now back to normal and has the # 1 fantasy matchup this week for running backs against the "Gelded" Colts who have given up 18 td's on the ground. Only Tampa has given up more.
Reggie Bush has now proven that he is a RB# 1. Instead of dancing in the backfield he is running between that tackles and catching footballs out of the backfield. This week he has that Bills dissolving defense who has allowed 15 rushing td's and a lofty 4.7 yards per carry average. It's time to believe in Reggie. He finally has arrived.
Felix Jones against a leaky faucet that is the Tampa run defense. They have given up 19 rushing td's. WORST in the league.
Beanie Wells against the stiffs called the Cleveland Browns who have a 31st ranked run defense. Beanie should bean the Brownies in the face, and walk into the end zone with ease!
Wide Receivers TOMMOROW NIGHT!


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Post Date: 12/16/11 06:59
Thanks again!
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