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Topic: Randy Moss: Coming Back?
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 02/15/12 16:16
Free agency is fast approaching and the official list of 2012 NFL Free Agents is impressive. Unlike last year when we had to wait for the lockout to end in July before players started to move around, this year we're back to the point where everything gets going March 13th.
And we can add another name to the WR free agent mix: Randy Moss.
Moss has decided to un-retire from the NFL. After retiring before the 2011 season, Moss was emphatic in that he was staying retired. Now he says that it was personally driven and that his personal issues have been resolved and that he is ready to re-commit to the NFL.
Question is: will many teams have any interest?
2010 was a bad year for Moss. It started with the Patriots, but he was traded after 4 games to Minnesota. After 4 games with Minnesota, Moss was waived by the Vikings and claimed by the Tennessee Titans. He finished the season with Tennessee. He also finished with uninspiring numbers. He actually caught more passes for more yards and more TD's in 4 games with the Patriots than he had in 8 games with the Titans. Same with the Vikings.
So why was he bounced around like that?
It's rumored that Moss was traded from New England because of an exchange with then Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. In Minnesota, it's rumored he was waived after he told ownership that they should fire then head coach Brad Childress. In Tennessee, it could be said that the QB trio of Kerry Collins, Vince Young, and Rusty Smith really hurt him. But he also really appeared disinterested much of the time as the offensive style didn't fit him at all.
But after all that, what teams are going to be interested in Moss? And will those teams be one's that Moss is interested in?
That's the catch with Moss: he has to want to play for that team or else he won't be going there. Sure, teams like the Rams, Seahawks, Browns, and Colts all have needs at WR, but they are not places where Moss is likely to think he can compete for a championship, or has a QB/offensive system that can keep him actively inspired to play hard most of the game.
Instead, it's much more likely to be a team like the Patriots (now that O'Brien is gone and Josh McDaniels is back; Moss had 98 catches for 1,493 yards and 23 TD's in 2007 when McDaniels was the Patriots OC) would be a good fit. Tom Brady said before the 2011 season that he would welcome Moss back. The Patriots have an obvious need for a field stretching WR. The fit could make sense.
The Baltimore Ravens are an intriguing fit. Torrey Smith is still developing and doesn't take pressure off of Anquan Boldin. Moss would. They also have Joe Flacco; a young developing QB who could take big steps up in 2012 with more weapons to throw the ball to.
Cincinnati would be an intriguing option. The Bengals are never scared away by any player's baggage and really surprised with a strong showing in 2011. Moss would compliment A.J. Green and give Andy Dalton a true deep threat to throw to.
Detroit is another potential surprise spot. Matt Stafford showed he's a big time QB in 2011 and the Lions severely need someone opposite Calvin Johnson. Moss would be an upgrade there and give the Lions two legitimate deep threats.
Houston is another surprise spot that could make sense. Neither Kevin Walter nor Jacoby Jones has proven to be reliable at taking any defensive attention away from Andre Johnson. Johnson could benefit from having a big time deep threat opposite him and Matt Schaub could have a field day with a second good WR.
That's just a few of the places that come to mind immediately. But a lot will depend on whether Moss shows he still has that blazing speed that has been his trademark. And he'll also need to allay the concerns many teams are likely to have with his desire to put forth the effort to be a contributor in 2012 too.
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Buffalo Blzzard_77859
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Post Date: 02/15/12 16:24
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James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 02/15/12 17:28
I think he is done. He has no speed to scare anyone. I don't think any team will sign him.
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Thomas _5045
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Post Date: 02/23/12 07:01
Moss just lacks heart. He's fine when his team is winning and he's getting the ball, but if one of those two things aren't happening, he becomes a detriment. I hope no one picks him up.
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