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Topic: Tim Tebow, Sad Sunday, Free Agents, and other current Random Thoughts
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 02/23/12 11:15
The season's been over for a few weeks now and I have some random thoughts going thru my head as we gear up for the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.
*-The Sunday after the Super Bowl should be recognized as a day of mourning and re-named "Sad Sunday". I woke up that day and found myself watching things like "Biography" and "Top Shot" with all the enthusiasm of zombie. Truly, it was a "Sad Sunday". Sounds like an idea for a new Dr. Seuss book...
*-It's nice to not think at all about a Collective Bargaining Agreement squabble between owners and players. Going back thru my blog entries from a year ago at this time all we could talk about was a potential lockout that turned into a real lockout for months. That was aggravating and I'm much happier this year to be concentrating on free agency.
*-The Packers and free agent TE Jermichael Finley have agreed to a new 2 year contract. The way it works in the NFL is that teams can't negotiate with any free agents from other teams until March 13th, but they are free to come to terms with their own impending free agents and any players who were free agents at the end of the 2011 season. This makes Fred Davis to man the top spot on the 2012 free agent Tight Ends list.
*-The signing also opens up the possibility that the Packers will use the Franchise tag on backup QB Matt Flynn. Flynn is one of only a couple of quality 2012 free agent quarterbacks and he is considered to be on the wish list of several teams. Miami, Washington, and Cleveland all run systems that could make good fits for Flynn's skill set and he would fill an immediate need for any of those 3 teams. Rare does a backup QB get the Franchise tag, but after Flynn set new single game Packers records for passing yards and passing TD's in week 17, Flynn has become a hot, and somewhat controversial, commodity.
*-With the combine and all the pro days coming up, I'm surprised Randy Moss is waiting to hold any workouts for teams. I'd think he would have wanted to take advantage of the down time between the Super Bowl and the Scouting Combine to get a team interested. Since he wasn't on any team last season, he is free to sign with anyone, at any time and is not bound to the March 13th starting date.
*-While Brady Quinn said some very true things about the way the Broncos handled him, Kyle Orton, and Tim Tebow in 2011, it came across as whining. Quinn says he wasn't given a fair shot? What about those starts he made in Cleveland? Quinn has proven to be a poor NFL quarterback and should just be happy he gets paid well to be one.
*-Speaking of the Broncos, they are going to get 2 new QB's who can run Tebow's option style of offense so they don't have to switch styles if they have to turn to a different QB. This could set this franchise back light years if it doesn't work. And while I've been impressed with some individual plays by Tebow, I have spent more time unimpressed with the overall play. I think John Elway is going to regret caving into public pressure and not getting a legitimate NFL caliber QB sooner rather than letting this play out into the mess it's likely to turn into.
*-I get a funny feeling that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be in for a down year. Todd Haley as offensive coordinator is an odd fit and his style and Ben Roethlisberger's may not mesh well. It's very surprising that Haley hasn't contacted Big Ben yet. Between that and the salary cap problems the Steelers are facing heading into 2012, I can see a tough season for them and their fans.
*-Joe Flacco wants top 5 QB money? Forget about it, Joe. Granted, you've lead the team to the playoffs each season and have some great blossoming skills, but as of yet, you haven't proven to be amongst the elite QB's in the game. Try shooting for an average of the top 10 QB salaries and be happy with that for now. Flacco didn't even crack my list of the top 10 2012 fantasy football quarterback rankings. If in 2-3 seasons you take that next step up, then you'll be able to command better.
*-Tying into both of the last 2 thoughts, if the Steelers fail to re-sign Mike Wallace and Baltimore ends up getting him, the Steelers will really regret that and Flacco could be a much better QB much more quickly.
*-While I'm glad we no longer have "Brett Favre watch" to hear about constantly, I'm getting just about as sick of hearing about "Peyton Manning watch" in 2012. Do we really need to hear about there being nothing to report and that it looks like the situation between Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay is going to come down to the wire and that March 8th deadline? The possibilities for Peyton Manning haven't changed since I blogged about them a few weeks back.
*-It's really sad to think that both Donald Driver and Hines Ward could find themselves playing for other teams in 2012. It's become abundantly clear to coaches and fans that both of these WR's have little left to offer and should either choose to accept much lower salaries to stay with the Packers and Steelers (respectively) or just retire. T.J. Houshmandzadeh had more left in his tank when he left Cincinnati a couple of years ago than either Driver or Ward. And Houshmandzadeh was pretty dreadful when he left the Bengals.
*-The Jets are a mess internally? Go figure with Rex Ryan letting the inmates run the asylum more often than not. Ryan's style works on a team that wins. On a team that isn't winning, it just spirals out of control.
These are just some of the random things going thru my head this week.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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