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Topic: Tim Tebow, Saints Bounty Penalties, and All Things of Note
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 03/30/12 09:57
Here are some thoughts from some of the more recent NFL news:
*-Bill Parcells could come out of retirement and coach the Saints for one season. But would that satisfy him? To just coach one year and then turn the reigns back over to Sean Payton just doesn't seem like something he would want to do. Especially if the Saints are very successful under Parcells. This could be a potential problem next year if Parcells decides to do it.
*-No big surprises on the NFL's suspensions to the Saints for the bounty scandal. Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely, and it was deserved. Sean Payton gets suspended for a full year and after he tried covering up how much he knew about it, and that he didn't do anything to stop it, it was deserved. GM Mickey Loomis did nothing to stop it and is ultimately the one responsible even if he didn't see it going on in person so 8 games is fair. It's even more fair that he doesn't have to start serving it until the regular season begins as a GM's job is probably busier during the off-season than even in the regular season. The $500k fine Loomis got was a little higher than I expected for him. Assistant Coach Joe Vitt's 6 game suspension appears to be fair. The Saints organization being fined $500k itself was less than I would have thought. These owners drop many millions in signing bonuses every season so this is like my having to pay $5 to park my car.
*-Tim Tebow is a New York Jet. It just seems like an odd fit: Tebow and Rex Ryan. Could they be more opposite personality wise? But Ryan and new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano want to run more Wildcat plays and that is almost exactly how Tebow would be most effective in the NFL. The pressure is on Mark Sanchez to produce or we could really see 20+ snaps for Tebow at QB in 2012. Tebow led the league in 3 and outs last year, but I wonder if that number would have been fewer if he wasn't struggling to be a pocket passer the first couple of games he started? It's funny to hear Jets fans piling on Sanchez as they were all in love with him when the Jets paid a ransom to trade up and select him in the draft a few years ago. I wasn't sold on Sanchez at the time and thought he was much more like Trent Dilfer than Tom Brady. Sanchez could benefit from Sparano's new offense as he was miscast as a gunslinger in Brian Schottenheimer's offense. Especially since Schottenheimer wasn't allowed to open his offense up the way he wanted to and therefore there was always a dichotomy going on with them.  
*-Reports are suggesting that Dallas Clark may be done. The Broncos were believed to be a likely landing spot for Clark as he used to be one of Peyton Manning's favorite options in Indianapolis. But they signed Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen and Clark has no reported suitors for his services.
*-San Francisco getting Brandon Jacobs was a bit of a surprise. I can't see Jacobs having a role beyond 5-8 carries per game behind Frank Gore. There's also change of pace RB Kendall Hunter to deal with there. Jacobs may have a role as short yardage and goal line RB, but he wasn't nearly as effective in that role as expected in New York and Gore is pretty good at that himself.
*-We know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be the first two QB's taken in the NFL Draft (and with the first two picks), but until recently there was a lot of speculation that there wasn't another QB who deserved to be drafted in the top 10. Ryan Tannehill's recent pro day has added him to the top 10 though. Opinions vary on him as to how quickly he could develop, but it's now believed he will be drafted either by Cleveland with the 4th overall pick, or the Dolphins with the 8th. Media hype has raised Tannehill way up higher than I think he deserves and he will be one of those QB's who gets drafted before he should.
*-The Colts may say that it's not a for sure they are taking Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick, but it is. As much as I like RG3 and think both QB's are going to be very good in the NFL, Luck is simply more polished. Some compare Luck to Peyton Manning, but I compare him more to John Elway. He has great scrambling ability to go with his cerebral approach. Griffin has better scrambling ability than Luck and the stronger arm and is more like Randall Cunningham (who I thought was always vastly underrated as a QB).
*-If the new rookie salary cap had been in place one year earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if Sam Bradford would be a Cleveland Brown right now. Reports say the Browns inquired about trading for Bradford before the Rams traded the second pick in the draft. And while the Rams insist they were not at all interested in trading Bradford, I think that had more to do with the huge salary hit they would have taken (Bradford was the last 1st overall pick to get a ridiculous amount of money before the new CBA put a stop to rookies making insane amounts of money) if they traded him. If not for that, I think the Rams would have definitely been intrigued about trading Bradford, keeping the 2nd overall pick, acquiring both of Cleveland's first round picks (4th and 22nd) in this year's draft and their first next year. This way they could have drafted RG3, used the #4 pick either on a WR (too early in my opinion) or Trent Richardson or traded it to get more picks, and taken advantage of some deep talent in this year's draft. Maybe they wouldn't have done it, but it would have been much more difficult to dismiss if they didn't have to face a $20 million cap hit.
*-While I fully expect Matt Flynn to be the starting QB over Tarvaris Jackson in Seattle, Jackson did better last year than I really thought he would and Flynn needs to show he wasn't just a system QB taking advantage of the incredible talent around him in Green Bay. The talent level in Seattle isn't nearly as good as it was with the Packers.
*-After knowing they were going to lose out on Peyton Manning, the Arizona Cardinals paid Kevin Kolb his $7 million roster bonus. And while I haven't given up on Kolb, I wonder if he really is that much better a starting QB than John Skelton? I'm giving Kolb the benefit of the doubt in 2012, waiting to see how an off-season of full OTA's, and a full training camp means he becomes more comfortable in the Cardinals scheme. But if he doesn't show vast improvement early in the 2012 season, I would have to think Arizona turns back to the intriguing Skelton and finally has to admit to making a mistake with Kolb. I hope it doesn't turn out that way, but it's all too easy to see it happening.
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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 03/30/12 12:19
Would it matter if Parcells took the reins for a year in place of Peyton. One way or the other Peyton will have input as to the direction of that team regardless of what been brought down on the Saints organization. Not sure I would bring the Big Tuna in myself. I think the Saints have the pieces in places to be competitive, we have seen it the past few years. Unless Parcells would hold to the coaching philisophy that the team has been geared towards with Peyton, I don't like the move to bring Parcells on an interim basis.

I don't see a controversy in NY, but they will create on. It is Sanchez's team. While I haven't been a big supporter of Mark, I think he is a better pocket passer than Tebow will ever be. But you are right Russ, Sanchez does need to deliver and play on a more consistent basis or that controversy will turn from a bubble to a boil and the fans will be calling for Tebow. Personally I would rather see Tebow play RB. Why not? He likes to run, wants to run, give him the damn ball! He can't do any worse than Shonn Greene, right?

The move for Jacobs is a bit odd. I was shocked to read about it, especially since he played a good role in NY with Bradshaw. Gore is fragile, but it would be Hunter picking up that slack. The SF fans I talk to here at work all say it will be a short yardage guy since the 49ers were terrible at punching the ball into the endzone last year. Missing piece? Maybe, but I agree, unfortunately Jacobs won't play a major role. Go Salukis!

Rookie QBs, I don't put much into them, especially as it relates to fantasy football. Sorry kids, Cam Newton put up a rare performance in the 28 years I have played fantasy football. After watching Newton a bit last year I could see RG III being the top pick, personally I would rather have a pocket passer as opposed to wildcat type QB. Newton was able to combine running and throw, until Tebow. I hear RG III has those same qualities.

Flynn should compete for the starting job and as you said Russ he might be the missing piece. I just think Flynn needs to prove himself, one game, which was meaningless and suddenly he was one of the hot off season prospects. I guess some owners have money to throw away. Jackson become more consistent in the second half of the season. While his numbers were not all that impressive, I do believe he should carry the job into training camp.

After what AZ gave up, and the raw deal Kolb got in Philly I want to see him succeed. A year under his belt now and maybe he will end up a bit more commanding on the field. I don't think he is a bad QB, but when traded to AZ was somewhat unproven. I think he is the best chance in the desert to win.

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