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Topic: NFLPA Likely to Lose in Appeals of Saints Bounty Scandal Punishments
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 05/08/12 11:40
The punishments have been handed down for the Saints players involved in the bounty scandal and I think the NFL was rather fair in their decisions. Instead of going after all players alleged to be involved, it instead chose to levy suspensions for those players in leadership roles and who also obstructed the investigation. But to no surprise, the players who got suspended and the NFLPA are challenging the rulings saying the commissioner has no ability to suspend players for anything that happened prior to the new CBA that was signed in August 2011. Furthermore, they say that he shouldn't be handling the appeals of the players as the all on field conduct violations should be heard (and ruled on) by the on field hearing officers, Art Shell and Ted Cottrell. Goodell's power is limited to off field conduct issues.
To address the problem with their first argument I submit one name: Cedric Benson. He was suspended for 3 games in 2011 because of an off field incident that occurred during the lockout. Yes Benson appealed and the suspension was reduced to one game, but the NFLPA never claimed Goodell couldn't hand down a judgment because it occurred before the new CBA was signed. By not doing that at that time, it appears they have left the door open for precedent to be set. I expect they will lose that challenge once the dust clears.
For their second challenge regarding the difference between "on field" and "off field" conduct issues, they may have a small leg to stand on since the bounties could only be collected for what happened on the field. But they lose out when reason dictates that the incentive program was initiated and contributed to throughout the week before each game in the locker room. That takes it off the field and puts it squarely within Roger Goodell's court. The on field conduct officers can look at whether the hits were excessive, or whether there was intent to injure on any specific play. But it is the off field officer (Goodell) who should look at what happened behind closed doors that created the potential for those on field hits and plays.
Is this just another example of me using reason and making common sense that doesn't always jibe with legal sense? Could very well be.
I understand that Jonathan Vilma is in danger of losing a full year of his career and that NFL careers usually don't last that long. But the fact he was willing to put up money for hits that would injure another player to the point where he couldn't play that week anymore was his own choice. And we know that these players cannot choose whether the hits they make will sideline a player for a couple of plays, a quarter, the rest of a game, a couple of games, an entire season, or END A CAREER. By putting up the money as incentive, he was encouraging behavior that could have easily caused another player to miss a year or more.
I think the punishment fits the crime. And I think Vilma should miss a year and then come back in 2013 to finish out what has been a solid pro career in the remaining seasons he has left.
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Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 05/13/12 05:16
Good let players and management involved lose time. I am all for the NFL and Goodell for making a statement and handing down punishment to fit the crime, so to speak.

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