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Topic: All mags seem to have rankings based on last years stats!
Montana Jax_173163
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Post Date: 07/21/12 14:16
I've been playing fantasy for over 16 yrs now. The rankings are always based on last year's stats. I joined this site because I love what the Grogans used to put out in Athlon sports. Something different that gave me an edge on winning. Right now, I see every mag and this site picking top players off last year's stats.....I know it's early but if someone can give me pointers on what to look for on this site...it would help a lot. And be greatly appreciated. For the love of football...ty Montana
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Post Date: 07/21/12 14:41
That's why you joined this site! Glad you are here! Mags only use last years stats and are a month behind on real time stats! Still early so stay with it, you won't be disappointed!!!
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Post Date: 07/21/12 15:01
Montana - You have a simple question. Spend the $20 to get the championship package and stay active on the forums. It's that simple.

I been listening to Russ for, WOW I can't really remember how long its been, years now via the radio and now I think there are podcasts of us show as well. Just listening to everyone else's questions and Russ's anwers is prefect, but asking your own is even better.
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 Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 07/21/12 18:31
I gave up on magazine probably in the early 90s. The material was always outdated by the time the draft rolled around. Thanks to online material it was much easier to prepare that having to do a lot of homework and preparation to draft a fantasy team. Owners had to do actual legwork, that is no longer the case it's pretty much done for you.

I do believe FFS is different5. I can't speak for what the Grogan's offered, since I have never used them previously. FFS is interactive, which is an excellent source when you are prepping for a draft. They tools (which have improved this year) are top notch, not only the pre-draft tools, but the tolls you can use during the season.

The users here on FFS make the difference. There are many experienced players, as well as players of all levels, but being able to get nearly immediate answers to questions and comments or who to stary/sit, especially on Sun day morning. Listening and calling into Russ's show is always very informative. As Fumanaz said, you spent the money, interact and stay active, I beleive it's money well spent.

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Post Date: 07/22/12 00:57
TBH pretty much nailed it. I gave up on the mags because, as he points out, they are a bit outdated especially after preseason and most of them are pricey.  Money I can use towards a site subscription that will five me much more up to date info. 

Russ's ebook is a great start.   Then you have up to date rankings etc.  The lineup analyzer only gets better as the year goes on, since its mathematically/statistical based. 

But I say one thing, I wouldn't say everything is based off last years stats.  If you look at the rankings on FFS you will clearly see players who did alright last year rank much lower.  There is some predictions in there as well that some will fall off or do better.  I mean at this point its only last years stats and guessing that is available to everyone.  Preseason can help a little, but can also lead you astray is you are not careful. For preseason I really just looking if people are in shape, have the same type of speed etc.  Although some gelling on offenses right off the bat can be a good sign. 

As everyone else has mentioned visit and interact on the forums religiously and you will see great returns.
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Post Date: 07/22/12 15:33
Agree with the comments here....as we get closer to the middle of August and the preseason starts participating in the posting of questions and reading the feedback on other post in very valuable.

Magazines..for me....are outdated....and the only thing I tend to use them for is the ful schudule listings to see which players have the tougher match up during my leagues playoffs in case I value two players at about the same.  This year I'l just print that stuff and save the $8-$9 dollars.

I have been playing fantasy football off and on for about 7 years.  The first (4) years I went to the champion game in a competitive (10) team league twice but lost. I took a short break....found this site and appeared in another (10) team leagues championahip game in 2010 and 2011 and won both of them.

This site and the people who provider their feedback played a part in my success in going Back-2-Back.  I wish I had known about them when I went to my first two championships.
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Post Date: 07/22/12 19:31
Cant add much to what the posters have already stated. We take a lot of pride in the site and algorithms we've created. The addition of the grogans to the team will only make everything that much better.

Welcome aboard and get ready for an awesome season!
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Post Date: 07/23/12 11:20
Amen to all the above...that's what makes this site the best with the caveat that the tools here are trying to predict...the unpredictable!  Closest I've ever found however and the forums is what will bring you the hardare not a mathmatical spreadsheet...welcome!

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Kelly Grogan_164151
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Post Date: 07/23/12 11:28
I realize it is early. Once the camps open up that's when we'll see some changes in the cheatsheets and we'll be posting our comments.
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 07/23/12 12:49
I disagree with the original premise. There are going to be many similarities in the top players at each position, but everyone knows the studs. The key is being able to identify the rest of the players and who is coming up.

We have Matt Ryan projected much higher than most every mag I've seen. Conversely we are much more cautious about Jamaal Charles than many. Last year we were the only place I know of that ranked Jordy Nelson in the top 20 WR's.

And as we get further into training camps, and injuries start to mount, the magazines and their rankings become practically worthless while our system updates as often as needed to reflect any change in a player's status. Even those injuries to other players around a player can affect his stat projections.
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