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Topic: Defense Personal Rankings
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Post Date: 07/26/12 17:25
This is by far the toughest for me. My league is weird with defense points (20pts for 0 pts against, 15 for 1-6 pts against, 10 for 7-13, 5 for 14-20, 0 for 21-27, -5 for 28-34, -10 for 35+ pts against) 2pts for safetly, 3 for fum rec or int, 6 def or spec teams td, 1 pt sack. I played a lot of match ups last yr with def. but here goes. Please help and explain why.

1. San Fran

2. Baltimore

3. Green Bay

4. Philly

5. Pitt

6. Chicago

7. New York Jets

8. Buffalo Bills

9. Seattle

10. New York Giants

11. Detroit

12. New England

13. Atlanta

14. Dallas

15. Denver

16. Cincinnati

17. Arizona

18. Miami

19. St. Louis

the rest would probably be FAs
 Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 07/26/12 22:26
Defenses are harder than any other position to say at the start of the season. I look for the consistently good on a regular basis over the defense that comes up out of nowhere with unexpected fantasy starting numbers.

And the points against is a killer category with this scoring. If the Steelers can avoid performing like an old defense, they could belong in the top tier. In 2011 they held 6 opponents to 9 points or fewer (2 of them shutouts). Other than their 2 games against Baltimore, they never gave up more than 20 points in other game. They just need to get back to creating turnovers and getting more sacks like they regularly did before dropping off by a lot in 2011.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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Post Date: 07/27/12 06:35
I usually wait on defenses and try to get 2 or 3 decent ones. When even your top defense plays GB or NE, there are times you sit with the negative points against so high. I play matchups and defenses get scarce since everyone is starting to realize their importance in this league.
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Joined: July 12
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Post Date: 07/27/12 07:57
I forgot to include Kansas City. I think they are going to be top 12 by years end. So I rank them on the same tier as NE
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Post Date: 07/27/12 16:01
Like the selections! Agree, please update as we get closer. Like to see how TC may change you selection.
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