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Topic: Is Anquan Boldin Undervalued?
Dan Grogan_164153
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Joined: November 11
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Post Date: 07/27/12 08:36

I noticed in many of the ADPs that Boldin is coming in around the 36th ranked WR this year. No doubt his stock reflects a poor 2011 showing when he scored just three times and finished as the 37th ranked wide receiver. But I still wonder if this savvy veteran is undervalued. I donít expect to see him among the elite WRs of the league, but with a little better production, he could deliver the value of a WR2, but be picked up as a WR3.

Some interesting facts about Boldin:

Heís 31, but thatís not old by NFL WR standards.

His 15.6 yards per catch average last season was the best of his career.

Thereís no question that Boldin hasnít been as prolific of a receiver in Baltimore as he was when playing for Arizona in the first seven years of his career. As a member of the Cardinals, Boldin averaged slightly over 6 catches per game. As a Raven just 4 per. It doesnít hurt to have Kurt Warner as your QB for most of that time in Arizona!

Is there reason to expect any upside? I think there is. Boldin scored just three times in 2011 and thatís far below expectations for a starting WR. A featured WR in an offense typically will garner around 30% of the aerial TDs. Elite guys will be up around 40%. Boldin was at a meager 15% last year while his 7 scores in 2010 put him at a more expected level of 28%. If QB Joe Flacco can produce 25 TD passes this season, I donít see why Boldin canít be on the end of 6 or 7 of them.

It would also make a huge difference if Boldin can inch up his catches per game closer to five per. And I think thatís doable. We would then be talking about a guy who would approach 80 receptions, likely deliver around 1000 yards and, as noted, post 6-7 scores. Numbers like that would have had him as the 13th rated WR last season (non-PPR).

 Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 07/27/12 08:53
It hinges on Flacco and just how much he throws this year. Boldin's reception number has decreased the past 4 season (89, 84, 64 and 57). In defense of Flacco he did put up a career high 542 attempts last year with a 57.6 completion rate. He wins games, but in doing so isn't always that impressive in the line scoring. Can't argue with 12-3 the past 2 seasons. Torrey Smith might steal a bit of thunder this year, as the deep threat, after making his name last year based on 1 game. If Boldin can haul in the 80-85 receptions, I agree with Dan he could see 1000-1100 and 6-7 TDs.

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Post Date: 07/27/12 12:05
I think Boldin's glory days are over. He had great difficulty in separating from CB's and he is just getting too slow to make much of a difference anymore.

Full time Ghostbuster!
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Post Date: 07/27/12 13:47
Two words for the decline of "Q"...Laryy Fitzgerald (moreover the lack thereof) †there are countless examples in the NFL of great receivers #2's †in great systems who are convinced that they should be the man...Alvan Harper, Az-Akeem, Deion Branch, "Q", Santonio Holmes etc. †I'm sure this is not the most accurate of lists but you get the point. †ego's a good thing sometimes it's better to understand that you are a product of the system and not so much you are all that. †IMO that's the case here with "Q".

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Buffalo Blzzard_77859
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Post Date: 07/27/12 15:08
wr usually peak about age 25-27, At 31 I see similar numbers fron Anquan, 50-55 catches with lower average yardage per catch. I do not see 80 catches from him,but if you feel he has 80 catches this season, it could be a great buy.
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Joined: November 11
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Post Date: 07/27/12 22:43
I will pass on Boldin this year for younger guys with moreupside
 Jeff Coruccini_6
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Joined: September 04
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Post Date: 07/28/12 10:09
Troy Smith is going to stretch the field to help out Boldin, however, he has taken allot of "over the middle" hits and that has hindered him along with our good friend "father time". Look for him to hold similar fantasy football stats this year as he did last year.
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Post Date: 07/28/12 12:32
I've got to agree with Micheal and say Fitz helped Boldin's numbers while he was in Arizona. He do alright this year just not great IMO.
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 Robert The IDP Guru_9600
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Post Date: 07/28/12 14:25
Boldin had the rare combination of speed and size when younger, but at 31, he's more fragile and has lost a step. If the Ravens use him as a possesion receiver he may be okay, but I don't see him being a factor any longer.
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