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Topic: Fantasy Keeper League: Who Would You Keep?
Russ Bliss_108
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Post Date: 08/08/12 23:23
Okay. I always see the question about whom to keep from a roster. But I thought you might like to chime in on my choices in one of my leagues.
I've already set these keepers, So whatever you say won't change it, but after a week, I'll let you know who I did keep from the options. I am just looking for what you guys (and gals) think when given this option.
The scoring format is PPR, decimal point scoring
0.1 points for every 1 yards rush/receive (equivalent to 1 pt for 10 yards rush/receive;
0.05 points per pass yards (equal to 1 pt for every 20 pass yards)
Rush/receive TD's worth 6 pts
Pass TD's worth 4.
-1 int's
Decimal scoring for FG's (22 yard FG = 2.2 pts; 56 yard FG woth 5.6 pts).
Pretty standard for D/ST's.
Starting requirements each week are: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, and 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
It's a 12 team league with an 18 round draft.
To keep a player you have to give up a pick at least 2 rounds higher than where they were drafted the year before. You can only keep a player for a maximum of 3 years. You can only keep a max of 3 players each year (and you can choose to keep none).
Here are the options I considered in a 12 team league, serpentine style draft:
1. RB Arian Foster (give up pick 5 in round 2; yeah I drafted him 2 years ago in round 6, you can guess how that's worked out for me. Won't be able to keep him next year)
2. WR Robert Meachem (8th pick of round 3; will be able to keep him maybe for a 1st round pick in 2013; can't keep him beyond 2013)
3. RB Darren McFadden (8th pick of round 5; will have his rights as a keeper for a 3rd round pick in 2013 and then he becomes a free agent)
4. TE Jermichael Finley (5th pick of round 8; last year I can keep him)
5. WR Miles Austin (5th pick of round 10; last year I can keep Austin for so cheap, he becomes a free agent after this season if I keep him)
6. WR Eric Decker (5th pick of round 12; can keep him for a 10th round pick in 2013 and an 8th round pick in 2014)
7. TE Ed Dickson (8th pick of round 15; will be able to keep him for a 13th round pick in 2013 and possibly a 11th round pick in 2014)
8. RB Jacquizz Rodgers (5th pick of round 16; would be able to keep him for a 14th round pick in 2013, and a 12th round pick in 2014)
I've already made my choices. But I'm curious what you all would do and what you think I would do. 
The answer coming in one week on August 15th.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
James The Mod_4852
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Post Date: 08/09/12 09:22
I keep McFadden, Foster, and Decker out of this group.

FFS Moderator
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Post Date: 08/09/12 10:57
Russ, for me it's DMC and Foster but if you are thinking futures then I might have to part with him and look at value in the draft as to what you can hang onto...if it's ALL about this year and not worried about next year then I'm in James` camp!

.1 pt per 2-yard pass, 6-pts. per TD, -2 per INT
.1 pt per yard rush/rec, 6-pts. per TD, (NO-PPR) (QB/RB/WR)
.1 pts per yard rec. , 1-PPR 6-pts. per TD (TE'S ONLY !!!)
START: 1-QB, 1-RB, 1-WR, 1-TE, 1-FLEX (RB/TE) 1-FLEX (RB/WR) 1-PK, 1-DST
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 08/09/12 12:04
I am not fond of keeping DMC at all with his injury history playing in just 7 games the past 2 out of 3 years. But in a 12 team league, having a combo of Foster and DMC isn't a bad start. Foster I keep, as he will be the #1 overall in many leagues this year. I also keep Miles Austin. Not sure what to make the QB situation with Manning in DEN and the rapport he will have with Decker and Thomas. Romo and Austin have played together and if it weren't for injury last year, Austin would have had a solid year.

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"ISIYBITSI" -Russ Bliss
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Post Date: 08/09/12 12:44
It's all about winning now so based on the round I love the value of the following three:

Foster: For the most part the consensus #1 that you can protect with a 2nd round pick...easy choice.

McFadden: A player I see in mocks going in the 1st round....5th round are you kidding me....awesome value.

Miles Austin.....10th round when he is generally off the board by round (4-5) in (10) team mocks I have done. I know he has the hammy issues but little risk to me getting him with a 10th round pick. With your 2nd-4th round picks you can protect yourself by targeting other available players.

I under the Decker appeal but until I see Manning in action I like Austin better and the difference of only two rounds between him and Decker isn't worth it to me.
Bob _2235
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Joined: October 04
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Post Date: 08/18/12 08:09
Foster is a definite, even if your thinking long term. Just think about putting him back in the draft this year and then someone else having him for the next three, I'd say that's a long term problem. Plus you could probably get more value in a trade once the season starts than the 37th best player overall.

Dmc is the ultimate boom or bust (only partial bc you get league leading numbers for at least 7 games) and is to much of a value to give up.

Now your third keeper is the quandary. Meachem is out, he's never been consistent and couldn't fill horns shoes in NO where the balance sets up wr to succeed so I doubt he will fill Jackson'sproduction.

Decker vs Austin - the latter is security blanket with injury questions and the former will be a security blanket for a qb with injury questions. Both values so I think you go with Austin, again more upside especially if wit ten is out for anylength of time.
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Russ Bliss_108
Membership: Retired
Joined: September 04
Total Posts: 19878
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Post Date: 08/18/12 11:13
Thanks to everyone who chimed in! I like to see how you guys think and am pretty much right there with you on the analysis.

I kept:

Arian Foster for the second round pick. THis was a NO-brainer.

Darren McFadden for the 5th round pick. Even if I only get 8 games out of McFadden, I'll get 8 great production weeks from him. The other 8 weeks I'll start a 3rd WR as my flex instead most likely.

Eric Decker for the 12th round pick. I have always been a fan of Decker's and been waiting for him to get a chance. He's locked in as a strater, should have Peyton Manning throwing to him, is more sure handed and a better route runner than DeMaryius Thomas, and in ppr should finish the season as a solid WR2.

Miles Austin was a close 4th, but I really am beginning to wonder if he is going to have chronic hammy issues. His little tweak from the strat of training camp is lingering and while I may get a few great weeks out of him during the season, I think Decker represents better value both for this year, and for the next couple if he turns into the type of WR I think he can be.
On any given Sunday any fantasy team can beat another, only to still lose Monday night.
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