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Topic: draft help
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Post Date: 08/18/12 04:41

I'm drafting 5th in a 10-team, 2-QB, PPR league, all TD 6 pts. In the 1st round I was planning on trying to grab Brees or Brady if I could (I'm assuming Rodgers will be gone). The more I think about it tho, the more sure I am that all 3 will be gone in the first 3 picks. I'm 99% sure, as I've played with these guys for years.

Assuming those QB are off the board, that essentially whittles my choices down (5th pick) to Foster, Rice, McCoy, Stafford, Newton and Calvin-- and one of them will be taken with the 4th pick, so I need 2 options.

I'm leaning toward...

1. Stafford

2. Foster

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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Post Date: 08/18/12 05:35
With it being a (2) QB league and TD's valued at 6 points I totally agree with the elite (3) QB's who you mention. If they are off the board I go after Stafford as well and then Foster.....

A somewhat later pick at QB that I think could provide solid value is Matt Ryan. The Falcons are going to a much more pass happy offense.
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Post Date: 08/18/12 06:46
I would pick between Stafford and Newton... and possibly toss the thought of taking the #1 RB in Foster
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Post Date: 08/18/12 09:50
Even though it's a 2 QB league, if Arian Foster falls to you at the 5th pick I would have to take him if Rodgers, Brees, Brady are all gone. Then in rounds 2 and 3 I'd probably go after QB's (depending on who's available. I like Matt Ryan a lot this season. I also think guys like Phillip Rivers and Tony Romo are falling further than they should in drafts.

I'd rank your choices at 5:


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Joined: July 09
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Post Date: 08/18/12 19:32
Thanks guys. I agree, I like Ryan and Rivers a lot this year too, I just don't think either will be around in the 3rd (25th pick). It'll be close and I'm not sure I want to risk it. I'm starting to agree with you Travis, but thanks to you all for your advice, of course.

If I follow the point projections of QB vs WR/RB, it boils down to prioritizing a combo of the Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Stafford, Newton, Rivers, Ryan, Romo, and Eli as my 2 QBs (I don't trust Vick and I REALLY don't feel comfortable with a Roethlisberger/Freeman/Flacco/Griffen etc). In the first 2 rounds I want to make sure I get high-scoring reliability, and to me that means getting good QBs. To get one of the QBs on my list in the 3rd round means no more than 7 of the first 24 picks can be QB.

I know you guys don't know the tendencies of the other managers in the league, but how realistic do you think that is? It's a little too close for my taste. Ugh, what to do, what to do.
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