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Topic: This is why I have lost interst in the NFL
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 08/28/12 15:59
"The guidelines went into effect last Thursday. Per ESPN Dallas, Bryant has a midnight curfew and is not allowed to drink alcohol. He can't go to strip clubs, must attend counseling sessions twice per week and will have a rotating security team with him at all times. He's been the on-field star of camp and hasn't been late to a practice or meeting yet."

Last I checked these guys were "professional" athletes. Yet that moniker means absolutely nothing if they have to write this sort of clause into personal conduct. Bunch of money grubby babies who do not know the value of a dollar and can't conduct themselves off the field. I am sure this is directed to a minority of players who end up bleeping it for everyone, but the fact remains. Why do they need to impose this sort of guidelines? Fine the guy, make an example of him. Whatever.... *shakes head*

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Robert The IDP Guru_9600
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Post Date: 08/28/12 16:41
Glad the Cowboys are cracking down on him, it's a shame because many of these so called superstars have never been taught how to be a man, they are there high school star, there college star, and everyone tells them how great they are, then when they are arrested or suspended, they feel it's someone else fault.

Wish they could spend a few years in the military where you learn about real teamwork, not the sports type, but the ability to rely on the guy beside you and he on you, learn about self reliance and self disciplne.
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Post Date: 08/28/12 16:52
All of them have been coddled and their behavior ignored for all their lives. Some of them have parents who addressed the issues to insure they understood how lucky they were to have the God given talent. Others had no or poor role models and still think that they don't have to abide by the rules. If not for pro sports, many would be doing manual labor (not all) jobs. I applaud the Cowboys for taking this stand. More teams should follow suit.
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Post Date: 08/28/12 20:34
Awesome post Robert. Wish it had a "Like" button.
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Post Date: 08/28/12 21:46
I DO!!!! and I just clicked it!
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