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Topic: The Value of Autodraft
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Post Date: 09/05/12 19:20
We have a 10 team league and mostly newbies (2 -5 yrs). We had one player Autodraft ESPN since he was out of town and here's his team;

QB: Eli, Vick

RB: Rice, Forte, Ridley, Tate

WR: A. Johnson, Dez, Lloyd,T. Smith

TE: Cook, O. Daniels

DEF: Jets, Falcons

K: Gould, Nugent

Not bad for laying on a beach w/o technology. Sounds like next years plan.
10 Team - PPR
QB: T Taylor, Stafford
RB: HIll, Foster, Abdullah, Forsett, Martin, Matt Jones
WR: Julio, DT, E Sanders, A Robinson
TE: Eifert, Rudolf
K: Crosby
Def: Panthers
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Post Date: 09/05/12 19:30
Yeah looks good. Maybe I should try it sometime.
Start 1-QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-WR/RB/TE, 1-K, 1-D

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Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 09/05/12 21:42
No kidding - Great team, now lets get to help him set his lineup and make trades!
Winning isn't everything- its the only thing!
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Post Date: 09/06/12 03:43
I do not like the notion. To me that is a lack interest, apparently there are other things more important then drafting your own championship team, Then he set's his week 1 lineup and comes back in Dec to see he won the C/S ,,,,would that not be just 'turable' ugh!
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 09/06/12 08:21
I agree with Dana, if you can't draft your team, I will find another owner who is interested. We had an owner who got up 3 hours earlier, since he was in Hawaii on vacation and drafted via the Internet while we were partying it up in the cabana in Las Vegas.

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Post Date: 09/06/12 17:49
I would agree with not autodrafting and with that being said I missed one of my leagues online draft this year due to me thinking is was the next week. Even had it on my calendar wrong, my bad I know and I felt terrible about it but I have to say that my autodrafted team is pretty dang strong. Lots of the other owners are worried, had multiple trade offers and turned down every one of them. Won't happen again though.
12 Team, 3rd pick. Std scoring Non PPR

Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 WR, 2 WR/TE, 1 K & 1 Def

Quarterbacks: A. Luck, C. Palmer
Running Backs: R. Bush, L. Bell, J. Bell, S. Greene,
R. Jennings, S. Vereen
Receivers: D. Thomas, T. Smith, J Nelson, J. Witten, P. Harvin
Kicker: S Janikowski
Defense: Panthers
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Post Date: 09/06/12 18:33
The team looks ok for a 10 team league. I wouldn't say its a great team. I'm in a 10 team league and all of our teams are good including our benches.

I don't like the idea of having someone autodraft, why bother playing. I like to know that my research paid off and feel like I earned it.
PPR, 12 teams
QB RG3, Dalton
RB R. Bush, F. Gore, R. B. Pierce, A. Ellington
WR H. Nicks, R. Randle, A. Dobson, R. Matthews
TE J. Thomas
D/ST Cardinals
K Tucker
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Post Date: 09/06/12 19:40
Agree with above posts. To me the draft is the most fun and absolutely my favorite part of the fantasy football experience.
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