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Post Date: 09/06/12 12:33
Basic league, no PPR

Offered wr V Jackson, te Keller, and rb gerhart for

te Finley, rb Stewart and rb Jennings

We start qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex rb/wr, te, k, d

Trade will leave my team with only 3 rbs but I can have wr V Jackson as my flex.

Let me know what you think is best Deal or No Deal, thanks.

qb Cutler

rb Benson, Forte, Stewart and Jennings

wr A Johnson, Nelson, Lafell and S Moss

te Finley and Witten

k Janikowski and Bryant

d Packers and Lions
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Post Date: 09/06/12 17:09
I'm no trade expert but I'm guessing your flex now is either Stewart, Lafell or Witten. I can see VJ being an upgrade to any of these. Only concern is when bye weeks come but there's always the waiver wire between now and then. My 2 cents.

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RB: D. Sproles/D. Brown/P. Thomas/T. Choice/B. Powell
WR: S. Johnson(Buf)/M. Colston/M. Wallace/B. Lloyd/M. Williams(TB)/J. Simpson/A. Hawkins
TE: J. Graham/B. Pettigrew
K: S. Gostkowski
DST: Packers
PPR League
Def. Champ thanks to you all
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 09/06/12 18:23
Don't fret over bye weeks, if the trade makes sense and works out to your advantage, make the deal. It's one week in a long season.

The trade would give you a temporary starter in Gerhart, depending on how ADP comes around the next few weeks. Running a season with only 3 RBs is difficult. I do think VJ is an upgrade to your WRs, which would make him a starter. Obviously losing Finley, Keller starts, which is a downgrade, although Keller does start seasons hot.

I don't think it's a good deal looking at it. Run it through the trade analyzer. I think you give up too much at RB and take a hit at RB.

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Post Date: 09/06/12 21:01
Trade analyzer read Final Answer: GOOD VALUE - MAKE THE TRADE.

Still not sure about the deal. I'm going to think about this and make a decision tomorrow sometime. Thanks for the advice that was left so far, if anyone else reads this topic please leave your opinion, I need as many ideas from players as I can get. Thanks again.
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Post Date: 09/07/12 05:14
Gerhart is an upgrade at RB, but only one body. He will still be valuable this year since he will be the 3rd down back and provide more relief for AP than usual. it wouldn't surprise me to see AP, even if healthy, removed from games when the Vikes are blown out or IF they are blowing someone out, to minimize the risk.

Stewart is injured and in a backfield that was crowded prior to the Panthers signing Tolbert this year. When you factor in Cam's running TD's and Tolbert's short yardage TD's (provided that Cam doesn't get them), not many fantasy points left for Stewart and DWill. They both will have good games, it will just be hard to tell when.

Jennings will be the backup to MJD after week one or two and unless MJD is injured will have limited value.

Finley to Keller is a downgrade, maybe significant downgrade if Finley has the breakout year that some are predicting.

The addition of VJax in the mix swings the deal for me and if you must take it as offered, look to the ww for a RB as soon as possible.

If this is the MJD owner, perhaps you could offer one of your WR in place of Stewart and he may bite. He may need the 1st week coverage that Jennings will provide, maybe LaFell.
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