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Topic: Trade away Megatron?!?!
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Post Date: 09/16/12 04:28
I am in a 10 team league, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, no flex. 2 pts for receiving first down, 1 pt for rushing 1st down. It's very much a QB driven league, as a stud QB goes a long ways.

I would be trading away Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, and Fred Jackson, and I would receive Eric Decker, Aaron Rodgers, and Doug Martin. My team would look like this:



Ahmad Bradshaw





Donald Brown

Rashad Jennings


Jordy Nelson


Brandon Lloyd


Mike Williams (TB)

I think the trade looks pretty good, and would improve my team. However, I'm still basically a novice in fantasy, and I don't want to mess this up.

What do you think?
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Post Date: 09/16/12 05:15
It helps u short term definitely with Jackson's injury. Did u run it through the TA? Seems to be a pretty even trade. Do you think Rodgers continues to pit up average numbers or return to the player we saw. I personally would keep the manning/ megatron combo and look at other options for a rb. Donald Brown is a serviceable guy short term and with Leshoure coming in next week and Benson u could look to upgrade that way also.
10 team PPR League
Starters = 1qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 te/wr, 1 defense, 1 kickers
All td's are 6pts

rec= 1/5 yds, 1/catch, 5 bonus/100yds
rushing= 1/5yds, 1/ 5 carries 5 bonus/100yds
qb= 1/20yd
Return Yards 1/10yds
QB's= Kapernick, Vick
RB's= Foster, Bush, D. Williams, Mendenhall
WR's= B. Marshall , D. Bowe, C. Shorts, J. Gordon, Thompkins, Stills, Hopkins
TE's= Graham, Gronkowski
D= Bears
K= Heatly

If winning doesn't matter, why do they keep score?
Niner Flower Power_6
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Post Date: 09/16/12 08:36
I just think you never trade the best player at his position. James makes a great point in what the TA says could impact your decision. Keep him.
Winning isn't everything- its the only thing!
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Post Date: 09/16/12 09:41
What's your scoring system? I'm curious what you mean when you say it's a qb driven league...

Also, how do you actually track the rushing/recieving 1st downs? Is that even listed in box scores? I'm sure the stat is available, but I don't think the standard sites give you that, do they?
QB: M Ryan
RB: Bernard, Vereen, J Hill, A Bradshaw, T Mason, J Randle
WR: C Johnson, D Thomas, J Gordan
TE J Cameron

Start- 1QB, 2RB, 2WR/TE, 1 TE,

PPR Scoring (but yardage is worth 1/2 of rushing)
1pt/25yards and 5pt/TD passing (-2 INT),
1pt/10yards and 6pt/TD rushing.
1pt/20yards and 6pt/TD receiving.
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Joined: August 09
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Post Date: 09/17/12 04:40
Top flight QB's score 50+ every single week. Average QB's score in the 40's pretty consistently.

The first downs are listed with the CBS fantasy site. Personally, I like this format versus a traditional PPR. Why earn points if someone has a 1 yard reception that accomplishes nothing? By getting points for only first downs, the fantasy teams get rewarded when their players can move the chains.

Given the injury to Bradshaw, and the fact that the window for Jackson's return is 3-8 weeks, does this trade have more value? Could Martin be an RB1/RB2 for the rest of the year?
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