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Topic: Horrible Team, Need to Work the Wire
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Post Date: 09/17/12 09:43
I inherited an auto-draft team (everyone else was live) that are starting the season 0-2, and are pretty weak.

I don't have a lot to trade with to strengthen, and so need to work the wire.

It's basically standard Yahoo, but with 1 point PPR.

QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, 2 Flex - WR/RB/TE, K, DEF

QB - Cutler, Sanchez
RB - Richardson, Matthews, J Best, Redman, Jacobs (hate this line up past the first two)
WR - Jennings, M Wallace, M Austin, Moss
TE - Tamme, Davis

Rest doesn't really matter.

Here's a selection of what's available:
RB - Draughn, Andre Brown, Daryl Richardson, Mike Goodson
WR - Den Moore, Davone Bess, Avery, Gibson, Hartline, A Robinson, Donald Jones
TE - Pitta, Miller, Daniels

Of the list, I really like Pitta. I think I will spend some FAAB on him. He seems like the pick out of the list. Given I could start 3 TE if I liked.

I am thinking:
- Spare defence for Pitta. I feel I need to go big budget wise on this. Maybe 20/100
- Moore for Moss
- RBs. Best and Jacobs (even Redman) are rubbish, but I am not sure who to pick up. I know I am only going to be able to play 2 RBs all season, but I need one solid back-up.
- I am tempted to drop the RB that I don't get rid of for Miller also at TE. They way things are going, I am going to be playing three TEs most weeks I reckon...

Any thoughts
Throwball Heroes_118522
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Post Date: 09/17/12 13:33
Why are you so high on Pitta when you have Tamme and, which Davis? Fred I will guess and probably not Vernon. I don't think it's an upgrade at TE to get Pitta.

At RB I would keep Redman for now, drop Jacobs. Best won't be available until week 8, although I would not count on him for much of a contribution. Richardson and Brown probably have the highest value for wire RBs.

I think you have 3 good WRs in Jennings, Wallace and Austin. I would look at Hartline or Bess, possibly Brandon Gibson for depth at WR.

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Joined: August 12
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Post Date: 09/17/12 13:54

It's Fred Davis. I am high on Pitta because I have to start 1 TE, then have 2 flex slots (WR/ RB/ TE), and I can see I am going to have to fill these with WR/TEs as I don't have enough RB depth. So I can see a situation where I am starting 2 TEs/ 3WR or 3 TEs/ 2WR if I can't get more depth on the WR side.
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